Blacklane iPhone App: An App That Guarantees a Flexible Booking Process

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Booking a car can sometimes be a complete pain and daunting task. In addition to the price, the car booking process itself can often be intricate. More often than not, users are required to call in their reservation or pre-book online where all the paperwork needs to be fully filled out.

These days, however, booking a car can be as easy as pulling an iPhone out of the pocket. There are many apps that guarantee a better deal and simpler booking process. The Blacklane app for iPhone is one of the best car booking apps ever created. Read on to find out more regarding the app.

Blacklane App Description

Blacklane delivers affordable and highly professional transportation across the globe. The rates featured on this app are considerably lower in comparison to the chauffeur or limousine services, and the app promises a superb customer experience.

Blacklane makes it a lot easier for users to gain access to a fleet of the best quality cars in over 50 countries around the world. Featuring experienced and proficient drivers, Blacklane guarantees absolute safety for every traveler.

How It Works

The Blacklane app provides a simple and efficient booking process, which encompasses the following steps:

– Enter the number of hours you wish to book a car alongside your preferred pickup and drop-off locations
– Enter your preferred pickup time
– Choose the car class that best matches your needs and budget

Day of the Ride

Users receive SMS and email updates on the day of the ride, which inform them of the status of their booking. One update informs users of the time the car will be on its way while another one lets users know when the chauffeur is already at the pickup location.

The entire process is factually easy. Once you are signed in, enter your pickup location, destination address, and the number of hours for your chauffeur and car. Also, include your desired pickup date, time and car category. Users who have a voucher can click on the “Voucher” box located at the top right-hand corner of the app. This way, it is easy to redeem the voucher.

You can also see the summary of your booking. Simply click on the arrow located at the bottom end of the last screen.


Easy Booking Process
Blacklane app guarantees a simple booking process for every user. It gives you the ability to book a ride at the touch of a button, and then look forward to a high level of service they rightfully deserve.

Price Quote
The price quote displayed already covers taxes, fees, and tip. This is important, for you know exactly what you will pay before booking.

Real-time Notifications
The app sends you text messages and email notifications, which include the driver’s contact information. These notifications inform you exactly the time when the driver is expected to arrive.

Flexible Paying Process
Users pay by credit card, which implies that there are no concerns about dealing with foreign currencies or having the precise change.

What Is Included in Version 2.11.0?
The app developers have included some crucial features under the hood to bring about a better user experience. A few bug fixes have been made to make the app load faster for a more intuitive booking process. Other new features include easier address recognition and faster localization.

The app needs iOS 7.1 or later. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad as well as the iPod touch. Download and install this app now and book your next ride worldwide with the utmost ease—literally in a matter of minutes.

Worth Having App – Download the App


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