Blade of Elemental iphone Game Review

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This is a game that first release was done in May- June 2016. It is an action role- playing gamming application in which users are able to battle monsters through a unique set of weapons and spells. Blade of elemental is a very exciting game that allows gamers to hone their skills and achieve success since it is an easy to start and a tough to put down game. The game gives a very great sense of attack, while playing it, since it is contained of unlimited number of random equipment. Blade of Elemental contains a number of elements, one of its attractive elements is that with just a single finger the gamer can cast sixteen powerful spells to wreak havoc on the evil monsters. Surely we can say the creator of this game got it right. Blade of elemental makes the gamer to be adventurous since it provides challenging missions with increasing difficult, this makes the game to be fantastic for adventure-seekers. Through a touch of a finger the gamer is able to slash and crush monsters leading to an advance in a new task. The Battle of elemental makes the player to be creative, since they must come with new methods of destruction to be able to slay the monsters differently from the next one. The game does not only involve killing of the monsters but also transferring the gamers into a virtual monstrous wonderland in which they can deliver justice to the evil monsters.

Some of the unique features contained in this game is the ability to award accolades in game achievement. Players are awarded with thousands of accolades, this makes them to be more curious and anticipate for the next game making the gaming to be a continuous process. A continuous process not for killing time but delivering justice to the evil monsters. Another unique feature that a Blade of Elemental player will be able to come across is exciting variety of weapon options, blade of elemental provides the users with a big number of weapons in which the users are able to select and use in the mission to slay the monsters.

The Blade of Elemental is a tremendously realistic game that makes the gamer feel as if he/she is in his/her own world. The game perfectly utilizes the concept of Virtual Reality, a concept that makes users feel as if they are there by reality and not imagination. The game provides this through the use of wounds, burns and whereby the frostbite remains afflicted until it is regenerated. Another Feature of the wonderful game that cannot be ignored is the ability to generate random characters making the gamers playing experience so wonderful. The game also contains a tailored gesture based spell system that contains extensive variation, this brings fun in the game and makes the gamer to enjoy more.

The main pro of the Blade of elemental is that it does not need internet connection to Play. The cons of this game is that it only works with IPhone technology making it hard for the other tech users to use it.

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