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The number of irritating calls from private number as well as unknown numbers is increasing throughout the world. Easily available phone connection can be blamed for the situation, but an individual cannot do much about it. Through the network companies offer to block certain numbers of your choice, you require to pay money every month to acquire the service. Blocking private number may not be possible for the providers as those numbers don’t flash on your mobile screen. To solve all these issues from the root, marlove has introduced its new application, Blist. It is one of those fascinating application by the company which has received five star rating from the users who enjoyed the benefit of the application.

Blist is a free android application which requires as low as 314kb space on your mobile. The application is free to download and use, so you are not paying a single penny for the same.


  • It is an application that can block calls from unwanted number. This application can block texts once you black list those numbers.
  • The application is capable to block calls and texts from the private number which has been the major problem.
  • It is easy to install the application to your android enabled device and it requires android 2.2 or upper version to operate.
  • The application can be hidden if your phone and no one else would note it except you. You need to dial a secret number to use the application. The launcher in your phone will never show the application.
  • The application would allow you to mute the notifications from the black listed number and at the same time delete the numbers from the call log for removing the irritation all together.
  • The Blist is one application where the activities can be monitored in a activity log of the application.
  • The current version of the application is which is downloadable in your android phone.
  • There would be no cost associated with the application. The secret number you need to dial is not making a phone call, thus no charges would be applicable.
  • The application cannot reduce or remove the charges associated to the incoming texts. If your service plan includes charges for the incoming massages, then you would have to pay for the same.

Summary: The application, Blist is an amazing application which moves irritation due to unwanted call out of your life. The application is easy to install and it’s free. The special feature of blocking private numbers makes it an adorable one and you are going to love using the application.

Good: Freely downloadable application, takes very less space, works with android 2.2 or up and it is a low space application that would not hamper the normal operation of your smart phone. It is a realy smart application that would reduce your expense on call blocking service offered by the provider.

Bad: Even if you don’t receive the text massage from the unwanted numbers, you can be charged for it in case your subscription plans are designed that way.

Worth Having Application – Download the Application


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