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It is a simple web based resource planning tool for project work that enhances transparency, promotes involvement and improves team performance.

There are multi-colored horizontal chart which gives users a snapshot of workflow. The charts can be filtered and shuffled to suit unique views. The project members can be added, invited and used instantly in plans. The E-mail updates alert users about impending milestones and gives managers a weekly overview. Basecamp users can integrate with Blueprint and import their clients, projects and milestones.

You can also drag and drop resources and bookings to create Gantt charts. The projects and milestones imported from Basecamp makes planning fast and accurate. There are brief notes which can be added with project bookings and notifications and changes to bookings are sent directly to resources.

The user friendly features like resources work schedules are displayed in a configurable array that makes assigning projects and moving them across resources or shifting them over a time frame very easy. A mobile interface via web browser gives users access to the plan on any mobile device.

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