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Are you tired of crushing boring candies and having to beg for lives? Are you looking for something new and much different? How about an International Award Winning game to pass the time? With simple one finger taps, you will be on your way to great entertainment! The Bonfire Trail tells a captivating tale of Woby, a small burning meteor. You will need to help Woby rescue his love Layla, a super adorable pink meteor and return them to their home in space! Be on the lookout, monsters are on the search for fire to bake their meals!

With 80 unique levels and 4 different themes, you will always have the unexpected thrown your way and monsters could be lurking anywhere! While on the quest to rescue Woby’s one true love, you will have the chance to collect gems in each level for even more exciting and sophisticated challenges! You can collect of any of the following three: a white diamond, a red ruby, and a blue sapphire! Collecting all of the gems reveals a very special twist to the story! People of all ages will find Bonfire Trail addicting! You are able to choose between two modes: Hard and easy to make to make your experience more personal and enjoyable for everyone! While conquering through the 80 unique and surprising levels, you will notice the game also offers 4 different themes as well! What a way to make your gaming experience that more thrilling!

You can earn special achievements as you pass through easy level, you never know what you could possibly unlock! With such vivid colors and incredible sound quality, it’s so easy to quickly become your go-to game. So what are you waiting for? Do you have what it takes to battle hungry monsters and to take on the challenge of rescuing your beloved girlfriend? Are you ready to experience the thrill of the unexpected as you coast your way into over 75 totally different levels and 4 different unique themes? I challenge you to help Woby safely return he and Layla back to their home and to collect all of the gems along the way! Don’t forget, with every gem you collect, you are one step closer to revealing a special unlocked story! Unlike other games, there is absolutely no dreaded in-app purchases! No more having to beg anyone for any help to make your way through the hungry monsters that inhabit the planet!

Simply download this addicting games on your iOS device and enjoy the rest of your game in full! You are guaranteed to be occupied for hours on end! You will not experience the same plot twist twice so you will not have to worry about getting bored with this great game! You can play mini games to unlock cool prizes! Each mode, easy and hard, has 20 mini games each that will have you glued to your device. Layla is counting on you to help find her and get her back to her home planet! Don’t let her down. Stay on the look out as you never know when those hungry little monsters will be hiding next and plotting for their next meal! Do you have what it in you to save Layla and defeat the monsters? Find out now!

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