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In day to day inventions of online organizer one can hard to look for apt site and get maximum beneficial through it. With this site service online organizer it is possible to merit required features easily. This site of online organizer aptly terms as bookmark manager specified for online organizer. It has several functionalities among them few can be shared here. The major savor is that you can store your favorite bookmarks online and get access them from any said computer with internet accessibility.

It also has marked savor like Online Calendar which reminds you of important appointments. You can add reminder for specific dates, weekly or recurring events. It is possible to control your prioritized To-Do List and in fact save email addresses, telephone numbers with the Contact Manager.

You can also look for salient features like Sticky Notes, RSS Feeds, Integrated Live Support System, Flashcards, Groupware functionality, Knowledge Management and a discussion forum. Among several online organizer which exist in the market this site has potent service.

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