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Facing many competitors in the current ‘tech-savvy’ world from Android, Apple is also getting wonderful applications which will make you feel proud to own an apple device. One of the shining stars in Appstore is the smart scanning application – BookScanner Pro. This Appstore application makes your iphone an intelligent and quick scanner. Developed by ABBYY after over two years of enormous development on its prevoius version BookScan, this 61.8 MB application runs smoothly on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and requires iOS 8.0 or later.

The purpose of this application is simple, scanning books without the help of a bulky desktop scanner. What one has to do is keep a book in the view of BookScanner Pro and it does it all. The app will divide the image of book’s face and reproduce two images of each page and correct every curves, low light defects, distortions, etc. This user friendly app enables the user to scan hassle free and promises to replace the traditional scanners. This light application makes scanning fast and effortless by allowing On-the-go scanning. Pages scanned by BookScanner Pro can be saved in various formats like JPEG, PDF or even OCR(optical character recognition). With OCR technology, pages can be digitized with excellent accuracy in 193 languages. The documents can be stored in 12 different formats namely- PDF, TXT, EPUB, DOCX or FB2. ABBYY has done a great job by making the files in BookScanner Pro Highly user editable. And for those who use multiple devices, the results can be saved in cloud storage of their choice like their Google Drive, iCloud, or Evernote accounts. Another noticeable feature is that people can protect their files by adding passwords to them.

In short The PROS and CONS are follows:-


1)User friendly and quick
2)Automatic picture snap and split
3)Supports OCR technology by ABBYY
4)Supports all formats for Images and Docs
5)Save to Drive feature
6)Automatic Distortion Removal
7)Multiple language support


1)Does not give very good results in low light conditions
2)Sometimes auto-focus does not work well and gives hazy images
3)Price not very low


This perfect application does its job well and will not disappoint anyone. However looking at its price, its not too low. There are many other similar applications giving the same at a lower price. But taking the great efforts behind the R&D of this application by ABBYY in consideration, this smart application is worth it. ABBYY has been providing language and document based solutions to people in fields of business and educational research. It has earned its trust in its standards over the years and its technologies are used by many international organisations as well as individuals. the company maintains office in major countries and functions well in giving regular updates for its applications and it will definitely be a privilege to use an excellent application like BookScanner Pro by such a great developer. So this application is beneficial not only for business purposes but also personal use. The productivity of this application is going to make it the most loved application of Appstore.
So go for it.

Worth Having app – Download the App


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