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It is a site where people write short stories of 200 characters and 2 images. The stories can published on blogging or content web sites via standard sizes of web widgets.

Business users can use this service as advertising channel to sponsor people write favorable stories for their business. The writers will be paid if their sponsored story is clicked.

You have effective Business page is a public business profile that advertisers want to share with their audience. Advertisers can include social links (such as Facebook Page, Twitter page,) and people profile (founder, CEO,) in the business page. The business page helps advertiser reduce unnecessary click cost and improve conversation rate
Advertising is not about hard-selling, it about telling an interesting story. When it comes to Word of Mouth Advertising, it is not only about what is said, more importantly, it is about who said it. Although their revenue model is to serve ad, and core value is to connect people.

Quick Review of

  1. Social Boosting network.
  2. It is an intelligent development of the new concept of word of mouth.
  3. Is it possible to share media other than images?

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