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If you have a reason to love Bounce A Lot, it would be because it is an addictive game that requires skill. Bounce A lot consists of having princesses, men, spike balls, teeth and even baby aliens in diapers to bounce around and take to the ambulance. All of them are victims of a major catastrophe and they need two paramedics to come and whisk them away. However, since time goes by and the situation gets worse, the paramedics have to work even harder because people tend to get desperate.

Starting on Cupcake land, the princesses are locked inside a burning castle and, while they all look the same at some point, they all need your help. The lesson learned is that saving people’s lives can be rewarding, so you get a certain amount of coins every time you save some people. If you would like to have a bit of an advantage, you can purchase coins from the shop and gain some power ups. Some power up names include: Cup Savers, Still Alive, Slow Motion, Double Trouble and Sucking Machine. Still alive obviously gives you the chance to continue the game, because you cannot drop more than three characters in one game.

Slow motion makes it much easier for you to plan your next move, since the victims will fall in slow motion. Double Trouble consists of having more than one pair of paramedics to bounce your victims into the ambulance. As far as the others go, you will have to find out on your own. With over 16 types of neo retro revolving stages, you will have enough time to figure out how the game goes. The game tends to start to grow old on its own, but you have five types of characters to keep you hooked. One of the stages contains a real boss, while the stage is set on a fire-type land.

If you want to check out how the game is like as well as the graphics that you would expect, you can take a look at their Youtube trailer, where you can view the actual gameplay as well as a summary of all the features you will expect from Bounce A Lot! While we have tried to get to the boss stage, we haven’t been able to manage to get there yet. In fact, for being a new game, Bounce A Lot seems to be a difficult game to play once you have two or three characters at a time.

The game itself is challenging, but we do feel that kids can play this game, regardless of the difficulty because they tend to learn complicated things faster than we did when we were younger. The application is rated for kids of age four and up. In a scale of one to ten in playability, we would give it a seven in replay value because it’s going to be too easy to start all over again with the easy options. The application is worth it compared to other apps because it is new and everything seems to be working like normal. Kids will definitely find it more entertaining than adults because they have all the time in the world to get the hang of things.

Overall, the game needs to have that one thing that keeps you hooked onto the game because, if you can’t deal with the pressure of handling many characters at once, you can easily get frustrated. Other than that, the two dimensional graphics show pretty cute characters as well as a powerful boss. The game is just starting out, so they still have a long way to make it to one of the top applications on the market.

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