Bowl with me – An Addictive Bowling Game

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There are many bowling games in the iTunes app store but what’s so special about “Bowl with me“? Does it really has something special? Is it different from all other Bowling games? The answer for these questions is YES. There are definitely many cool features in this application which makes this game stand out when you compare with other bowling games in the market. The interface of the game is very much user friendly and the look and feel of this game is Unique. A pretty neat design with a pleasant background music is a perfect combination, which makes this game a winner.

There are three different ways you can access this game, 1) using your Facebook credentials, 2) using email address and 3) as an anonymous guest user. When you use your Facebook account, you can easily invite your Facebook friends for a quick game. You can also share your game stats in Facebook and brag about it. This game is completely designed based on game coins. When you use your Facebook credentials for the first time, you will receive an instant 1000 game coins. Isn’t it cool? If you decide not annoy your Facebook friends with these game requests, then you can setup your profile using your email address and you can easily invite specific friends through email to challenge them for a game. You will receive an instant reward of 500 game coins when you connect for the first time using email address. Well if you are a very private person and don’t want to share your email address or Facebook data then you can opt to play as a guest. As a guest player you will be dynamically allotted with a profile, using which you can keep track of your progress.

There are three different game modes in “Bowl with me”, which are 1) Practice, 2) Head to Head and 3) Team Play. Practice mode is the easy and free way to earn game coins, where you can play any number of times without any restrictions. You will be rewarded with game coins based on your score. Head to Head is nothing but competing with one of your friends or with any random person across the globe. Yes, don’t worry if you don’t have any friends. This game will allow you to make new friends with it’s random opponent selection feature. Team play is nothing but 2 Player VS 2 Player game, where you need to tag to one of your friends or with a random person to form a team and need to compete against a team of two friends or a random team.

One important feature of this game application is, it allows you to play from multiple devices like iPhone, iPad, etc. Ofcourse the graphics of this game adjusts automatically according to the screen resolution of the gadgets. If you have any apple gadgets you can download this game easily from iTunes store for free of cost. Yes this game is absolutely Free. Unlike other free games where you will see lot of in-app purchase to play various game modes, Bowl with me offers all the game modes for free of cost. There is no hidden cost for playing these game modes. Although there are few things you can purchase in the  in-app store to improve your gaming experience, like upgrading your game to a Deluxe version which will remove the advertisements from the game application and will allow you to double the coins you get as reward when you play in practice mode. Other in-app purchases are related to empower your stash in the form of game coins. Don’t worry if you are not interested to spend money for game coins. You have several options to earn game coins for free of cost, like watching an advertisement video, Tweeting about this game  or by inviting your friends via Email.

Why is the game coins so important?, well you will use this game coins to setup challenges when you play any Head to Head or Team play challenges. Not only just game challenges, you will need these game coins to purchase any bowling balls from the in-app bowling shop. Yes they have hundreds of bowling balls of various designs and categorized based on weight. The weight of the ball will play a key role when you use spin button in the game and also it decides the power of the balls. What else you need from a free game, which is designed with all the real-time features?  I would say it’s more than enough to be a free game. I have already become an addict to this game, now it’s your turn. Be ready to get addicted.

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