Bowling Paradise 3 : More Fun and Challenging

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A lot of people have been waiting for the new Bowling Paradise game eagerly. The Bowling Paradise 3 is an exotic multi-player game and it far exceeds expectations as compared to its predecessors. Imagine being able to bowl in a lot of cool locations like at the beach or underwater or in space etc. Clearly this game is goes much further than the previous two generations of Bowling Paradise and combines the best features of both.

Moreover, this game has the potential to keep you hooked for hours. The concept of the game is same as before. You have a bowling ball and have to knock out the pins to score. Naturally as with its predecessors this game allows you the option of choosing the difficulty level of the game and the player who you play with.

But wait you can choose from a number of different balls from which you throw! And that’s not all you can choose the pins you want as well. Another interesting feature this version gives you is the ability to choose fireworks if you succeed. So the better you do the more fireworks there are!

Let us go over the various locations and scenarios that it offers.

Camping- How would you like to go bowling while you are camping through a dense jungle? One has to admit that it does make for interesting possibilities.

Desert- Do you associate bowling with the desert? Probably not but now you have the chance to do bowl in an arid, dusty desert and enjoy yourself while you’re at it!

Dome- Most people think that their bowling alley should be in a dome structure so this scenario is no surprise. Imagine the greatest domed bowling alley and being able to play there to your heart’s content.

Garden- Imagine going into your garden to bowl. It would be instant relaxation and recreation when ever you want. Just don’t try this at home!

Outer Space- This is one fantasy that avid bowlers would love to live out. Being able to bowl in outer space gives you the game of the millennia with realistic effects.

Paradise Beach- Another scenario that one does not generally associate with bowling. However, bowling on the beach does give one ideas on how to relax better and it saves you from finding things to do while on the beach.

Sky Island- This is a unique situation in which you’re either bowling at noon or twilight in a surreal environment.

Space Challenge- This situation is somewhat more fun and challenging because it tests your bowling skills more since it has moving pins! So the game becomes a lot more interesting.

Undersea- Imagine being able to bowl underwater. Bowling Paradise 3 offers you the opportunity to do this with great effects.

Furthermore, the game was designed to be played in multi-player mode i.e. you can play with up to four friends or family members at any time. The multiplayer option also offers great opportunities when used on the go like when you’re travelling with the folks. Moreover, you can turn your next evening out into a fun-filled bowling extravaganza with Bowling Paradise 3.

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