Box Island App:Stunning Gaming Experience For Kids Involving Coding

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Currently, there are quite some apps that have been designed to give kids a fun moment. Apparently, one will realize that it is essential to get an app that is not only fascinating when using it but also comes with an incredible learning experience that is worth remembering. Given the fact that children are in the process of grasping basic knowledge, a good app that can quickly help them is recommendable! There is no need to worry since the Radiant Games ehf. has taken that into account by designing the incredible Box Island app.

With a clear setup for use by kids between 9-11 years, this fantastic app is fully packaged with great features that make it incomparable; it comes with a motive of imposing mental knowledge to children through understanding the coding concepts. Besides, it is hilarious and engaging, and the kids should expect a fascinating and lively moment while interacting with this incredible app.

The Operation of Box Island app

Having integrated the user-friendly interface, the user should expect to have a pretty easy time when playing the game. Additionally, the user should be ready to put into practice skills and experience in coding to make it successful. As the game starts, one is introduced to the general fundamentals such as conditionals and algorithmic thinking which continue to become challenging as the player advances to higher levels. The entire process which seems like a story-like journey is ultimately meant to instill great motivation and knowledge to the kids.

Features Contained in the Box Island app

General coding experience

An opportunity to conveniently learn the basic concepts involved in coding is quite fascinating for kids. The exposure which comes in the form of gameplay makes this app a favorable platform that can enhance understanding. This coding experience highly improves the thinking capacity of kids. These coding concepts are debugging, algorithmic thinking, loops, pattern recognition, conditions, and sequencing.

User interface redesigned

With the updated version 2.0.4 of this great app, the entire experience has been highly improved. This has been mostly due to the easy-to-use approach that has been integrated together with the intuitiveness of this great app. Users can quickly grasp the content and proceed to next levels without any hassles!

Stunning 3D model featured

This attractive feature applies for the exterior features such as the animations, theme, 3D environments and even for different scenes. It makes these features appear well-polished and attractive besides boosting the level of the overall performance of the app.

Challenging levels to play

For the first ten levels, the player will enjoy the game without incurring any cost at all. When proceeding to topmost levels, they are availed at a cost effective price. The major categories include the Master Coder ($7.99), Skilled Coder ($5.99) and the Junior Coder ($2.99). For the Master Coder, one can unlock up to 100 levels whereas for the Skilled and Junior is 50 levels and 20 levels respectively.

Fun, high-quality sounds and gameplay songs

The user will notice that the fun sounds emanate from the main character, Hiro when trying to engage the player. On the other hand, Box Island app has integrated new songs that bring great entertainment to the player besides sending out the intended message for the game.

Other Features Included

With the recent update of this app on 1st July, 2016, new features were incorporated. They include preference of choosing multiple coder profiles, lively worldmap roads, cinematic story part involving Hiro and addition of new scenes.

Languages Available

This app has taken great consideration to ensure that its content empowers as many users as possible in the entire world. Thus, it is available in the following languages; Chinese, Romanian, English, Japanese, Danish, Vietnamese, Korean, Italian, Icelandic, French, Spanish, Brazilian, Russia, Swedish, Portuguese, Indonesian, Finnish and Norwegian.

Suitable Devices For Box Island app

There are unique and high-quality devices that can work perfectly well with this fantastic app. They include iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone. This is due to their excellent capability in delivering high-quality performance. Besides, iOS 9.1 or any later version has been known to be the best operating system that can run this app.

Pros and Cons of Box Island app

They include the following:


• Perfect tool for convenient learning experience

• Improved coding makes it easy for kids to work on it

• Numerous levels give the player unstoppable lively gaming

• The entire visual display and design are perfect

• Adoption of multiple coder profiles is worth trying


• Inconsistent in performance with time

• Not valid to upgrade levels in small internet areas

Final Verdict

It is clear that any ardent kid with continuous learning and gaming experience cannot miss playing this fantastic game. Box Island app is deemed to give the best both in performance, and the quality features incorporated. Make a point of getting it today for free and experience great learning experience!

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