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If you love beer, then the Brew Guru is a must-have app. This helpful app is from the American Homebrewers Association and it was created because beer lovers needed something that “does beer better.” Even though the app was created by the AHA, the app itself is geared to any and all beer drinkers, especially those who want to know about the best beer in their locations.

To Join or Not

One of the best features of the Brew Guru app is the opportunity to save money on beers at local breweries. If you let the app know your location, it will give you a full list of discounts like $1 off of pints at local breweries or 10% off of homebrew supplies at local shops. When you first open the app, you will be invited to join the AHA for one, two, or three years and to add extra money to receive the AHA Zymurgy magazine. Beer lovers might appreciate the knowledge that the magazine and the AHA offers. The coupons and discounts are available for the first 15 days of using the Brew Guru app, but after that, you must be a member of AHA to access them.

Quality Content

Another clear benefit of the Brew Guru app is the outstanding content. The articles are generally geared toward the homebrewing crowd, which continues to grow as the availability of supplies continues to grow. But, there are also articles about the history of beer, as well as recommended stops while traveling the world. Many of the curated articles include recipes, how-to tips and tricks, and historical pieces about beverages like hard ciders and mead. As you move through the app, you can save your favorite pieces in your own “recently viewed” section of the app. Unfortunately, the limited content might not being in many paid subscriptions.

Graphics and Font Styling

The graphics are bold, simple, and attractive and they give the app a old school Hipster feel. The background of the app resembles the color of beer foam and the predominant colors are earthy greens, oranges, and yellows with little bits of blue worked in. The fonts are simple and attractive – no swirly script fonts show up in this app.

Zymurgy Magazine Benefits

As a member of the AHA, you will have access to more articles and recipes than the occasional user. If you were wondering, “zymurgy” is an actual word and it is the technical term for making beer, wine, or distilled liquors. On its own, the magazine costs more than than an annual subscription to AHA on the Brew Guru app. So, if you are truly dedicated to the craft of making and enjoying beer and related beverages, this app is worth the money.

Overall Review

Brew Guru from the American Homebrewers Association is available for iPhone and Android. It is free to add to your smartphone, but the best features only come with a paid subscription. You can save the collections you want to keep. As the app continues to gain subscriptions, the number of articles and collections will grow. Since Zymurgy magazine has been publishing content for 25 years, hopefully the app will continue to add more content and allow app users to access the old articles, too.

Worth Having app – Download the App


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