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by | Sep 20, 2012 | Reviews | 0 comments is an online web application which helps non-technical users to manage several web applications through its services. The web app also helps in improving the interaction of the users with their respective websites. This site remotely hosts web applications and its related tools which will help the web designers and web developers better use their PHP scripts when they are building a website. It is not essential that you have to be a genius in a particular technology in order to use the scripts that are available; the web app has been designed in such a way that it will provide help to the users with no prior knowledge or experience in programming. The web app has been developed and launched by Stiva Soft, whose aim is to create remotely hosted versions of products so that users will be able to achieve maximum benefit.

In order to use the scripts and the services provided by the website, the user has to first create an account in the website. This will help the users to use scripts and also manage them at the same time. This registration in the website is free of cost; it is essential that the user will have to select a particular subscription plan when they register for this web app. If a user selects the free plan in the website, this will allow him / her to use all the scripts in the website, but there will be a limitation when it comes to the number of loads in a particular month, the domains in which the scripts can be used and also the number of items which can be created under an account. When users want to use the scripts, all they need to do is to insert a small portion of the HTML code. This simplicity is due to fact that all the scripts are previously installed in the website.


  • There are many features in the app such as Free Poll, Event Calendar, Availability Calendar and the Guest book.
  • Free Poll – This is an easy option for you to conduct online polls in your website without much effort. There are different layouts, customizable polls, multiple choice options, vote protection, translation in our language and many additional features.
  • Event Calendar – You can easily set up events, use convenient date and time formats, and customize appearance. The app supports multiple languages and the users can also search for a particular event within the calendar.
  • Availability Calendar – This is very easy to install in your website. There are three different statuses that can be set. You may view the details for multiple months and the website also offers different color themes.
  • Guest Book – You can easily setup a guest book in your website within minutes. Some of the features in the guest book are captcha protection, unlimited comments and different formats.
  • The users can understand the features in the app and use them very easily.
  • The web app supports the web pages which have been built using PHP, Asp, HTM, HTML, JSP, PL and CGI.
  • The web app offers excellent customer support and they also respond to queries within a minimum period of time.

Summary is the perfect place for anyone who is beginning to use scripts. The app also helps experts to make their job easier. Try this for free and subscribe to any of their plans to enjoy the maximum benefits.

Good – Simple and easy to use

Bad – The app can include many additional features in their services.

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