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Are wondering where to get the most interactive game for this festive season? Worry no more because The Bubble shooter from android is an amazing and fascinating game that will add a smile on your face during this Christmas time. Once you’ve downloaded this app from play store and installed in your phone, you’ll be welcomed by a soothing Christmas melody. The app is made with a clear and attractive interface that will make you yarn to play it all day long. On the background of this game is a spectacular Christmas tree and a Father Christmas resemblance.

The game is simple to play as you are required to shoot bubbles of the same color from the bubble gun located at the bottom of the screen. You start the game by clicking the play icon button displayed on the initial screen. It’s a 3-match color match game where you fire at balls on the screen that match up to a group of three or more balls with the same color. Once you’ve made a shot, the balls vanish and you get a score. If a perfect match is not gotten, the bubbles keep on filling the screen until they reach the bottom. The game ends when the bubbles reach at this point. Enjoy bubble shooter game free on poki

You shoot the balls while directing the gun where you identify a perfect match. You can fire by toughing the bubble gun or on the device’s screen. When a giant match i.e. shooting more than three ball has been made, the screen displays a COMBOX message depending on how big you’ve made your shot. The game becomes more challenging as you progress through the next levels. You get more balls on the screen and different colors presenting a harder time to get a perfect match.

The most important thing to note in this game is the ability to shoot at the right ball. If you keep on missing you will eventually end up accumulating a park of balls on your screen leading to end of the game. The other thing you should always be keen about is differentiating the colors of different balls. Some colors like blue and light blue can be confusing especially when you play the game for a long time as you suffer from fatigue.

The game is extremely additive is probably the most played bubble shooting game today. One thing that will motivate you in exceeding your current score is the desire to learn about the next level. The game is also effective since the bubble gun shows you the next bubble in its queue so you can plan how and where to shoot for you play the game.


  • Comes with a clear user interface
  • Freely downloadable
  • Had distinctive colors for different bubbles
  • Embraces user interactivity


  • Uses graphic engine that might not be supported by all devices
  • Final verdict

Bubble shooter is without a doubt a must-have game that every android device owner should have in their gadgets. It presents the best way to keep yourself busy and eradicate hangovers after a long day. If you need to have a new experience in bubble shooting game in this festive season, this is the application to have.

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