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People say that starting a business needs the right idea and that’s it; I guess not. Even if you have the right idea, you need to implement it in the right direction. In fact, sometimes the idea is not a fresh one but its execution gives the right start. The first next thing you need after your business idea is a business plan. Some of you might have heard it for the first time but it’s one of the most important steps in the direction of your set up. A business plan is meant for everybody that’s somehow linked with your business. If you want to take a loan, it tells the bank why you should be given the loan and how you will repay it. In terms of growth, it states your goals and your position at the end of say 5 years. But if you’re new in the business, you need a guide to make sure your business plan is correct. We have found that guide for you!

I am talking about the web app called Business Plan Builder ( which helps you to create your business plans in steps and then you can download it for printing as well. There are many aspects of a business plan and it’s not just about writing down your goals. You need a properly calculated figure in terms of investments, debts, profits, etc. But with this application, all you need to do is enter the right figures and leave the calculation part up to it.

After registering for your account, you’ll be introduced to the in-app editor which will help you build the different pages one by one. But before starting with any page, it’s wise to first check out their quick start guide which will brief you about which page to start from and how to proceed further. For example, you cannot estimate profits you’ll make before defining your products and sales forecast.

The editor is very intuitive and you don’t even need any guidance for the first time to get used to it. For every part of the plan, there are some simple guidelines for you to take a look at the top which are really useful. They have got all the different aspects covered in groups and whether it’s the financial plan or your strategy related issues, everything has been broken down in small pieces so that you can pick them up one by one easily. For example, market is your customer base and you must know what your product brings new to the table. This is a simple rule of product design and they’ve pulled it very nicely in their tool.

You can see the completion percentage of each part of your business plan separately. After completion, it also predicts about the timeframe it’ll take for your business to be debt free at the current rate of repayment. There are visual graphs as well as calculated figures to give your written statements a solid back up in front of readers.

The UI of this app is neat and clean. You can access any page from the left vertical bar and you can check the preview of any of your pages anytime. Editing is as simple as working in MS office whether it’s about changing text or some mathematical figures.

There are three subscription plans starting from $19/month and going up to $59/month depending upon the number of users, number of allowed business plans and some additional features of the editor.  There is a 14 day free trial plan available with each plan.

Overall, I think this is a great app to start your business plan with. So go and check it out!

Pros: intuitive UI; advanced in-app editor; visual graphics give more detailed and easy to read statistics; quick start guide available; free trial plan available.

Cons: none.

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