The Cadillac of Poker Is Here to Entertain the Poker Lovers

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For poker fans, Texas Hold’em is one of the most popular variations of the game. This member of the poker family has been very successful in recent years and has become one of the preferred formats of the game for veteran and new players alike. The unofficial world championship of poker is now played as No Limit Texas Hold’em, and is considered by many as the ‘Cadillac of poker’. So, for every poker lover, Texas Hold’em can be the greatest attraction to test their limits and to sharpen their poker skills. The best way to understand the game is to start by playing some online matches on sites such as


  • As a basic rule, the game has two closed cards, and five cards are dealt face opened successively. The five open cards are referred to as community cards which are used by every player of the game to form a hand of poker with 5 cards. The player with the highest hand wins the pot.
  • For the best possible hands, players have three options; they can use either of the two hole cards and 3 of the community cards dealt on the table to make a hand. They can also play in the closed map way by using four or even all the five of the community cards to come up with a winning hand.
  • Blinds make an interesting part of the Texas Hold’em. Before dealing the cards, the first two players sitting to the left of the dealer post the small blind and the big blind respectively in order to create a starting pot.
  • After the blinds are placed on the table, each player is given two cards face down and the first round of betting starts with the player sitting left to the big blind.
  • After the first round of betting ends, three cards are placed on the table. This is known as flop. Now the second round of betting starts with the player left to the dealer who still holds his hand.
  • Once the 2nd betting round ends, the fourth community card is placed on the table and the third round of betting begins with the player left to the dealer and still with his hand. This is called the fourth street.
  • The fifth and the last community card is called the river. Now goes the final betting round starting with the first player to the left of the dealer and still in hand. In case, there are more than one player still in hand after the auction the final showdown takes place.

Summary:The Texas Hold’em is an elegant variant of poker games which is played with 2 holes per player and 5 community cards. There are a total of four betting rounds in the game and the player with the highest hand wins.

Good: The game makes one of the most luxurious variants of poker and can be a great way to sharpen your poker skills.

Bad: For every game of cards, you need to have that right mix of skills and luck.


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