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It is one of the sites where you can find all required functionalities and also integrates the tools that you need for online collaboration. You can be assuaged to find that all necessary tool for you to perform online meetings, webinars, teleseminars, host product demonstrations and many more.

It handles your conference calls at a go. This savor lets you create, participate, and moderate conference calls in no time. It is possible to send invitations and relatively puts the calls in your calendar.

It has important savor that it could even engage in group chats before, after and during calls to share details with others without disturbing the conversation. It has multiparty IM which profoundly opens a second channel to share links, images or documents to have quality and more interactive calls

In fact it is possible that even your phone number regarded as the personal PIN which perfectly connects you to every call from anywhere in the globe. You can also visualize the names, pictures and caller status in real time as everyone joins the call.

The intuitive web interface offers the moderators a single comprehensive view for controlling recordings and individual or group callers. You can also record calls from the web interface or phone. Then make them available to everyone in seconds flat as MP3 files when calls are over or recording has stopped.

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1 Comment

  1. Paul W

    We’ve been using Calliflower for international online board meetings for about 6 months and it has some great features and is competitively priced but the UI could do with some improvement.
    There’s no way to edit, group or filter contacts once they’ve been added.
    The only way to import lists of contacts is via Plaxo which means your data security may be compromised.


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