Calorie Counter Macros Diet: Easy Convenient Way to Track Your Diet

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All of us make New Year resolutions and daily resolutions to begin dieting. However, getting started is not the hard part. Keeping it up is where the effort lies. You look at the mirror every morning, to be constantly reminded to be conscious of your weight but that much of a warning is not enough to get us dieting. If you need some professional help with staying fit, the Android app Calorie Counter Macros Diet can offer you this at your own convenience.

In order to keep a tab on your calorie intake, you no longer have to rely on pen and paper. This app eliminates those hassles and moves this entire math to an app on your mobile device. With expedient implementation, the app helps you track macros and calories at all times in a simple manner. It is free of cost and also free of ads of any kind. Unlike other local apps, it incorporates foods on a global level so that you can track your calorie content no matter what. The app allows users to add dishes that might have been missed out by some chance as well.

Besides just helping one track their calorie intake, it also helps you keep track of the calories you are burning up. Physical exercises and other manual tasks are taken into account. The database also recommends nutritional food dishes for you. You can record your intake after each meal quite accurately.

As an incentive, the app has a concept of points. If you manage to stick to the diet, you gain pints on Consistency. These points are automatically built within the app and a metric is provided to you to accomplish each day.

Using the Android app is extremely simple. There is no need for a user account or even an internet connection. All you need is a mobile device having Android version 3.0 or higher. If you wish to make entries in the database, you simply can copy information off the internet. Each food comes with an exclusive Macros bar where you can find all its nutritional content including content of carbohydrates, fats, proteins and more.

While entering calorie content into the app, you only have to select the dish and enter the quantity of it being consumed. To add a new item to the database, you can directly copy and paste its nutritional facts from the internet along with the quantity per serving. Alternately, you could allow the app to perform a Google search for you as well. Each time you add a dish consumed, the exercise meter will calculate the amount of time you need to work out in order to maintain or reduce your weight. Sticking to these calculations will earn you more C-points.

The interface of the app has been kept simple and highly functional too. It has been organized meticulously and neatly so that the overall result is a user friendly, easy to navigate app. As there are no hassles of an internet connection or ads besides the free cost, the app is indeed worth downloading.

Good: No internet connection required

Bad: None

 Worth Having Application –  Download the App


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