CamFind – The Coolest App which replaces Search Engine

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Internet and its usage has become a part of our day to day routine, we browse through the internet to gather information, read news, online shopping, education, entertainment and for millions of other things. We can get information about anything and everything just by entering the keywords on your search engine, but, what if the search can be done directly with the help of visuals without the effort of typing? CamFind app helps to turn your iPhone camera into a mobile visual search engine, all you need to do is to click the pic and the app will do the rest. This extremely useful app has been designed, developed and launched by Image Searcher Inc. The app is available in more than 26 languages for the iPhone and iPad users.

How it works?

CamFind app works just like a search engine or even one step more than that, the user’s just need to take pictures of objects or things for which they want detailed information about. The app then searches the internet and provides the exact details of the requested information. The app has been designed in a way to satisfy the needs and wants of a user from a day today perspective of their usage. It helps to utilize your iPhone camera to the fullest by turning them to a mobile visual search engine. Some of the cool things that can be dome through this app are click picture of bar codes or QR codes; the app then provides the price comparisons of the same product at different stores. Users can take pictures of movie posters and can find the show timings or the trailer and other information about the movie based on their GPS location. Taking pictures of the real life objects and querying each and every bit of information about the object without any effort is the specialty of this app. The app also acts as a translator, the users can take pictures of the objects and request for the translation of sentences which involves the object in the picture, and this would be greatly helpful when we travel to places of unfamiliar languages.


  • Voice search and Text search of objects.
  • Barcode and QR Code reader which is very useful for all kinds of shopping
  • Language Translator in multiple languages
  • Facility to upload images to iPhone camera roll and to copy the old images from the roll
  • Users can select the objects from a group of different objects in a picture.
  • The app has automatic focusing and flash for clicking pictures and the users can also do a voice over for unclear images to carry on the search.
  • It acts as an address locator, price checker and provides search results from the internet.
  • The app has social networking and sharing features with the searched information with friends and family.


CamFind is the best visual search engine alternative which provides more fun to its users through its operation. The app is available at App store and can be downloaded for free, so download the app and explore the benefits of search engine in an effortless manner.

Good – Easy operation

Bad – There are some technical glitches when searching for information.

Worth Having Application : Download the App


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