Candy Breaker- All about candy and challenge

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Does the very thought of candy make your mouth water? With numerous games like Bejeweled and Candy Crush which are focused on candy, VistaCreativos has released one more. Candy Breaker, an Android app that is compatible with all devices having Android 2.2 and higher, is here to please your taste buds with sweet delicious candy again. There are candies in different shapes, colors and sizes that will instantaneously melt in your mouth.

Candy Breaker is a candy smashing game that will bring children, colleagues, friends and family together with a mutual favourite- candy. It is easy in its gameplay and yet challenging in its concept. All you need to do is stay focused, keep your mind and eyes open and smash candies to solve the puzzles. Set higher scores each time as you smash more and more candies with each game.

The concept and implementation of Candy Breaker is what will keep you glued to your Android device for hours on end. There are four different modes: Shifter, Standard, MegaShift and Continuous. In the Continuous and Standard modes, more candy keeps falling from the top of your screen. To accommodate these, you have to shift out the candies already present. To eliminate candies, you need to smash them and make them explode. To do so, there are many strategies to select candies of the same color in different combinations. The more the candies you smash, the higher your score climbs. With unlimited candy smashing combinations, it all comes down to taking smart and quick decisions that are out of the box.

The other two modes come with a unique twist. In Shifter and MegaShift, the candies are constantly shifting from place to place. Unless you are quick and agile, the candies will have moved out before you smash them. These modes are all about being alert and quick. The concept of shifting candy is a unique, interesting and addictive one indeed.

Besides the different modes, there are other features that give this app an edge over others in its niche. The game allows you to adjust the difficulty level to suit your needs. If you are a beginner, you can set it low while if you are looking for some challenge, you could set it high. There is also a High Score chart where you can compare your scores with those of your colleagues and friends. There is a slight glitch in the form of the ‘Clear’ button alongside the high scores which can clear all your hard earned high scores.

The layout and appearance of the game is commendable in its simplicity. Although kept minimalistic and simple, it has been given a unique touch with unique, bright and vibrant colors. With assorted options, smooth simple fonts, and splendid sounds and animations, the game has been developed very neatly. The app layout and design is soothing to the eyes and intuitive to work with.

Candy Breaker is currently available for free in the Play Store. With the interesting yet simple gameplay, splendid graphics, different gaming modes for each person’s taste and the simplistic user friendly layout, the app is one that you must have. The challenge of this one never ends.

Good: Different game modes, well designed user interface

Bad: It is easy to clear the high scores

Worth Having Application –  Download the App


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