Candy Island – Build Your Own Candy Factory

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Do you love Candies and Chocolates? I bet the answer will always be a Yes. Then, you must stick down your eyes on the page for a moment and finish the page before you move further. Otherwise, you will be missing a very good chance to enter a world of Chocolates and sweet candies. What about a world where you have a family of different creatures all being working in your Candy factory and making chocolates and sweets every day. Your mouth is already filled up with those candy balls. Imagine what would happen if you actually meet them.

The app we are talking about is Candy Island available in the Android Market. The plot goes around a peaceful and enchanted world, inhabited by a zoo of adorable little creatures around the tasty candy farm. The workers used to provide their villagers with ice cream and chocolate to spread happiness and harmony. Everything was fine and everybody was happy until the villain, Dr. Zog destroys everything and takes away all the recipes of sweets. Then you enter the plot and it’s your responsibility to rebuild the candy factory with the help of last recipe left.

The game features a lot of versatility. Your aim is to build up a factory high up in the clouds. You will discover something new at each and every step. You have to manage your stocks and adapt production amount according to the demands. Build your empire from a small town to as big as you can. So, the game takes you to learn the process of business management. Also, you will discover new recipes of jelly beans, ice cream, gingerbread hearts, etc. which add to the freshness at each moment.

With Facebook integration, you can send or receive gifts from your friends. So, you can share your experience as well as enhance it within your friend circle. You can also play this game offline without any internet connection. So, it automatically rejects any possibility of ads, which is great. You can decorate the blue sky with more than 100 unique decorations. There are 2 mini-games. That’s why we are emphasizing on the fact that there are so many inbuilt stories that you will never get bored of it.

As far as the graphics are considered, they are just awesome. You will love the characters which are more than dozen in no. and discover new candies and chocolates.

Overall, the game is unique and the idea is very brilliantly improvised. It offers never ending fun and you can continue playing it as long as you want. But don’t know why, the developers have generalized this game to be “girl specified”. This kind of game is mainly meant for little children and both boys and girls love candies. So, there is no point of limiting it to girls only by introducing “Princess of candy world”. But it’s something that the developers should be concerned for more.

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