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Have you ever played the most exciting bingo game of your life? I think you didn’t! Because the most exciting bingo gameplay is here with me and it’s none other than “Cannon Ball Bingo”. Yes, it’s a heart-pounding gameplay with exciting offers, credits, prizes, bonuses and many more. Cannon Ball Bingo is an avalanche of bingos where you can score as many bingos as possible before time runs out.

This Bingo app has been developed by the Leet Sauce studios. The game requires any Android Smartphone or tablet which compatible with all the latest versions of the Android Operating System. So let’s come to the app’s features and designing!

Cannon Ball Bingo is the leading edge in the bingo innovation! Traditionally, bingo games were not gaining popularity, but this is a new deviation in the bingo games as it’s an arcade style gameplay with 20 unique powerups and many more unique innovations. This 3D game-play is an all in one platform which combines free bingo and other mini games and more cards to play in this one single game.

Now, what’s the procedure of playing this game! As it’s a card game so you need to play up to 10 cards at once and Bingo up to four times on each card. You should try to get the Blackout Bingo on each card. If you win 5 Blackout Bingo, you can win the Mega Blackout Bingo, or try to Blackout 10 cards for the Ultra Blackout Bingo to earn big payouts. You can use the 20 awesome power ups which can change your game and tilt the odds in your favor and rack up more bingos with these power ups.

The app offers themed rooms where you can travel the whole Universe as you earn more than 40 achievements and acquire more than 120 items. Then visit the Pharaoh’s Tomb and collect all its treasures. Moreover, you can win prizes, free credits, coins and play in these exclusive themed rooms.

With Cannon Ball Bingo, you can also connect your account to Facebook and sync your profile, earned credits, coins, power ups, and connect with your friends for getting additional bonuses.
The graphics of the game are 3D and are highly defined. The themes and the designing of the app are so good that can’t be described until you experience it.

Overall, I would say that it’s the best Bingo Spinoff online. You’ll feel like you’ve gone to a bingo paradise in heaven in this game. So kick off your footwears and take a break in 12 exotic bingo casino locations online with your favorite Cannon Ball bingo game! You can play this game for free on your Android mobile and tablet device. However, in-app purchases are also available. For using this app, you’re required to be 21 years older or more.

So join now and let’s play Bingo together!

Pros: all in one game for mini games and free bingo; best Bingo game online; exciting offers and bonuses; super-addictive gameplay; themed rooms; 3D gameplay & graphics; 20 awesome power ups; connect with Facebook; free to play. 

Cons: none.

Worth Having App – Download the App


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