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Canoodle is a new social dating service that can help you connect with others based on Facebook interests. The app has been developed by Cupid plc and works by looking at shared interests, such as your favorite topics, the pages you like and the people you follow. These are then matched with other people having similar pursuits. The existing profiles of people in Facebook are used by Canoodle. A lot of people today don’t have the time to write down their dating profile and Canoodle makes it easy for such people to meet their ideal partner. The app is offered on the Google Play platform and is for Android users.


  • Canoodle can find like minded people who share common interests with you.
  • It works very easily. You just need to connect the app with your Facebook account or just match it with your contacts on email.
  • The user can customize his interests and make changes and remove any interests at any point of time and the app matches you with people having similar hobbies or interests.
  • The app has a powerful GPS linked with it. This assists users in finding people in their location.
  • Users who travel a lot can find like minded people in other countries, just by checking out those having similar interests in that location. Thus, users can connect with people in their locality as well as across the globe.
  • The Geo location option for searching is available at the home page and it is easy to make contact with the entire world.
  • The app also has a very good chat service and it is easy for people to communicate with their chosen partner. You can indulge in talking or flirting with different people located in various parts of the world.
  • The homepage has an interactive page with a section known as the ‘Top Interest’, showing all the latest pictures and news regarding the site. For instance, you can view the review of your favorite car or watch a celebrity quiz or get some fantastic cooking recipes and tips. These articles and photos keep on changing with respect to the latest news and the user can get all the latest updates from all over the world.
  • The ‘match by interests’ is a search option that is very useful. The user can find the best dates

The Good

Canoodle offers an easy way of connecting and chatting with potential partners. The app can be used as a dating site and is very useful for those who have some rare or unpopular hobbies. It is easy to find someone sharing this uncommon hobby.

The Bad

Canoodle is a social app and hence, the genuineness of the people or matches does not have any guarantee.


Canoodle is an app for the Android platform available in the Google Play platform and is ideal for matching people with similar interests. It is a free app and you can also subscribe for a weekly, monthly or three monthly bases. The app acts like a medium that helps you find people having similar or shared interests and can thus pick out potential, like minded friends or partners.

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