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If you have wanting to play some really interesting coin type game, here is something that you may want to check out. Caps app is an interesting Android application that lets you relieve moments of the most popular game for teens in the 1990s. Smash Stickers, yet another 90’s teen game played in Russia, and Winter Wall Papers, wall papers with interesting winter themes to liven up Android devices are some of the other apps developed by WebPrestige. With an easy size of 26M, Caps requires Android 2.2 and up.


Caps app comes with an array of features that make it rightly interesting and challenging. Playing the Caps tournament will let you play with your friends and challenge other players in any corner of the world. The aim of the game is to let the user unlock all the albums and build the collection of caps. The game currently has 600 caps and WebPrestige is working on constantly increasing this number. The caps are all replicas of real prototypes that belong to various thematic collections. The player can collect caps from different series, including PoG, Pokemon, Chupa Caps, Mortal Kombat etc. You will be able to open the albums and add to your collection by waging battles. You can also use the game currency. If you have a special bat cap, the probability of a successful blow is maximized. A simple draw adds a bit of spice to the tournament and is based on the well-known rock paper scissors game.

Caps app is based on the concept of a game in a game, and the order of the moves is determined by means of the rock paper and scissors idea. The rock paper scissors is a hand-game usually played by a team of two players. The basic premise of the game is that the players have to simultaneously form any one of three shapes with an outstretched hand. The paper beats the rock, the scissors beat the paper, and the rocks beat scissors. The layout of the app is pretty simple and neat. The main screen displays five menu options – Play, Album, Achievements, Settings, and Exit. You will also see smaller icons to get free coins and browse games. There are presently 14 collections with 600 caps. There are three game modes and 16 achievements. A cheerful music and wonderful graphics add a lot of character. The game background is vivid and realistic.


The latest version Caps 1.2 comes with a set of updates. The game now has a new added album with Power Ranger caps, new slammer that will beat all enemies, and a fresh colorful background to add an element of interest and excitement overall. Caps 1.2 also display repetitive caps in the album now. Joining the list of new updates is a multiplayer level, available for four players.  The rate has also increased to ten caps.

Pros: Caps is cool to play and has a sense of old-school to it.

Cons: Caps does not seem to hold up all the excitement it provides initially. After a while, the game becomes sort of repetitive.

Worth Having Application :  Download the App


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