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which is your favourite car?When do you plan to put your money for it?

How much it would cost?Would you go for a loan?How would you plan the loan terms rather?How would you track the record of the expenses?Worried about the expense of your BRAND NEW CAR? Questions are many and the solution is one, CAR COST UNIVERSAL.
CAR COST is an amazing utility app designed only for the APPLE iphone and ipad lovers.This unique app is an easy-to-use and educational app to calculate the total cost that the car would generate.Possessing a user friendly interface,this app is a unique and innovative step to a new vision of cost estimation of your CAR. A whole new concept of keeping the perfect record of your CAR’S expense and using the exact data records to further analyse the true value of the car in store.

The app provides:

1. SELLING VALUE ESTIMATE: It simply provides you with the vital estimated amount that you may receive for your car at any point of time after buying it according to the records of your car it possesses.
2.TOTAL WEAR COST AND REPLACEMENT TIMINGS: It even states the amount you spend for correcting the wears and tears of your car and notes the time of replacements in the car.
3.LOAN STATISTICS : If you have purchased your car on the basis of a loan,this feature of the app is your personal banker,which contains all the statistics of the loan and you could check the status anytime you want.
4.FINE-TUNE THE LOAN TERM : These include suggestions and methods to fine-tune the terms and conditions of the loan to be paid-off.
5.TOTAL ANNUAL COST FOR THE CAR : It provides the data for the annual cost of the car, both the ACTUAL COSTS and TRUE PAYMENTS over the period of ownership.
6.SETTINGS : Any mode of currency can be used.We can also select the distance mode of our choice amongst Imperial,metric and US and we can save our calculation cases.
It is useful as:

1. It gives a better idea to own a car and take a loan.It gives the best possible output to maintain the loan terms and maintain the data of the loan taken.
2. It provides us with the understanding of interconnection between the debt repayment in installments, i.e. , amortization and the loss in value of the bought car.
3. It also helps us know the appropriate time to plan for the next car by viewing us the exact status of the car which we currently use.
4. It provides us with a real-time help while negotiating with the car dealer as it provides the accurate data with timings of the car’s repairs, loans, distance covered. mileage etc.
5. At the same time it lets us know when to purchase a car.



Cost : $ 1.99Category : UTILITIES Released : JAN 28,2015 Version : 1.0 Size : 19.4 MB Language : ENGLISH Seller : Bjorn Sjoblom Compatibility : iOS 7.0 and later
Personal Review-A great app to cash in a minimal amount and produce a benificial output.Totally user friendly and a good estimator about the cost of our car.

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