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Resumes are powerful tools through which you can market yourself to all your potential employers. It is essential that we take good care and attention while we write the resumes, because resumes will give the first impression of the candidate to any employer or HR manager. Even when you are really talented and possess good skills, you must be able to present all the required details to prove your excellence which would make you the preferable choice when compared to others. Many people struggle in the interviews due to an improper resume. Professional help in resume writing has always been proven to be hugely successful for the candidates. However, these specialized services often charge you large sums of money for their service. What if all these services are offered for free? Won’t it be a blessing in disguise? Career Igniter is a web app which offers professional resume writing services to anyone who requests their service.

How it Works?

To give your resume the professional look and appeal, the first thing you need to do is to give all the details that would be required by your employer in a proper order. In most cases candidates forget to include important information such as contact, certification details and many other simple yet essential points without realizing their importance or by sheer negligence. The resume builder interface offered by Career builder offers the candidates to fill in the fields which are essential in a resume.

  • Contact Information – The candidates will first have to start by entering their personal details such as name, address, email address and phone number.
  • Objective – The objective have to be clear and concise. The website also offers tips on how to fill the tabs in an effective manner.
  • Education – In this tab you will have to fill in your education details, it includes the information such as the year of graduation, education level, and school. There are also fields about major and minor areas of study. The interface provides you with more than 2 spaces to fill in the required education details.
  • Certification – You enter the details about all your certifications.
  • Work Experience – You need to provide the details of all your previous work experiences, if you are a fresher then you can just leave this tab blank. The details of your First and Last Date, Designation and the Job duties has to be completed for the last three jobs of your past.
  • Skills – Highlight your skills and your area of expertise under this tab.
  • References – Include the details of your references, this helps your employers when they do the background verification.

Once you have completed all the tabs, save your resume and select the file format as DOC file for your output file format. This format allows you to add any details and make any corrections later. The app is compatible with Windows Vista, XP, Windows 7 and 8. Career Igniter also offers other services such as job search for the candidates, tips and other useful information. Go ahead; make full use of the services offered by Career Igniter to be placed in your dream job.

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