Caricature Me-Photo Deformer : A Nice Face Massage

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Have you ever been bullied? It’s really the worst thing ever to first get struck by a strong rude boy without any mistake and then spend many sleepless nights just thinking of how to get back the revenge of all the insult. Those laughing faces of all the witnesses just mess up the whole thing to the worst. You may not be strong enough to pin down that guy forcefully, but you can go for some nice punches on his photographs that might modify the shape of his face better than you’d have imagined!

We are talking about the new android app, Caricature Me-Photo Deformer which has been developed by STOIK and requires Android 2.2 or later version. The app is a powerful photo editing tool that enables the user to create comical caricatures out of friends’ and family’s photographs without any technical knowledge of Photoshop or image editing tools. It is a simple, easy and fun editing tool that manipulates itself and takes away the entire work load from your side.

Now as you open the app, you are taken to a page with two sample photos depicting the caricature performed on it. You can either select a photo from the image gallery of your android phone or select one from the Facebook. If you want to create something fresh, you can also click an image from within the app. As the image is ready, you can apply various effects by just tapping the image and holding it down for some time at any point on the screen you want. The various effects are zooming, clockwise and anti-clockwise rotational effects, push effect, explode effect and erase, to undo the last effect. One of the notable features that you won’t find in most of the similar apps is the play feature. Once you are done with all the desired editing, there is a play button at the top that will sum up all the changes from the original image to the final masterpiece in a short video.

The user interface is clean and simple. With camera button provided in the app itself, you don’t have to rush each time to click a photo and then load it again in the app. The effects are awesome and very easy to apply manually. So, you don’t have to rely on the automatic effects but rather show your own creative side to the world. But these kind of comic activities are best when shared with your friends and the app takes full care of that. You can directly share your edited images with your friends on Facebook and can even send them via email or MMS. You can also save the images in .gif format which is more universally accepted.

The app is free in the Play Store and is ad supported. However, you can go for the pro version if you want it ad-free.

We really liked the app and would recommend it to both professional caricature artists and those looking for some funny moments.

Pros: simple and easy to use, nice effects, play feature, share with your loved ones on Facebook.

Cons: ads are irritating.

We will give this app 8 out of 10.

Worth Having Application – Download the Application


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