Carrom Stars: The Traditional Game of Carrom Redefined for Mobiles

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Do you love playing Carrom? If you do, you do not want to miss Carrom Stars. We have all played this greatly entertaining game as kids whenever with our family or friends. Striking the pucks, black, white and red (queen), becomes a lot of fun when we sit together for entertainment.

Carrom Stars, the most entertaining Carrom app, has well-polished design and is really enjoyable. Users can start playing Carrom Stars by logging in with their Facebook accounts or mobile numbers, or they can just choose to play as a guest, which requires no username or registration. You get free chips which you can use to play with random users online.

Carrom Stars has a realistic Carrom board with 13 pucks and a striker. All you have to do is make use of the slider at the bottom of the screen to move the striker, then aim at one pf your pucks and shoot to pocket it in any of the four holes. You get 30 seconds to play your shot.

As a guest, you get 10,000 chips for free to start gaming. As I opened the game, I discovered that there were 3 lobbies to choose from, namely Mumbai, Dubai and London. Each has a different entry fee and the prize amount is double the entry fee. The rules of Carrom Stars are the same as the rules Carrom in general. The app’s features, interface, layout and performance are all excellent and provide you authentic Carom-gaming experience.  

Salient features of Carrom Stars

  • Appealing graphics and intuitive controls.
  • Option to refer your friends and get free chips as a reward.
  • In-app purchase option that allows you to buy 25,000 to 100,000 additional chips at a very low price.

Carrom Stars is the most popular multiplayer Carrom platform in India that allows you to play with players from anywhere in the country. The app helped me rediscover my love for my favorite childhood game. I enjoy reliving my childhood playing the game whenever and wherever I like. The app is available for all Android devices and is rated 4+ on the Play Store. Carrom Stars doesn’t involve any gambling and is designed purely for the purpose of entertainment.

Even for a casual player like me, the app turned out to be addictive! You will enjoy playing Carom with Carrom Stars like never before. So just download and install the app and start Carom gaming!

Worth Having App – Download the App


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