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The process of conversion of abandoned carts into sales is very simple because of this App called Cartstack as it helps to regain the confidence of customers who have chosen to abandon their carts for some reason. The process involves reminding your customers that their products are still conserved and withheld from being sold and that you consider business with your customers as precious and special.

This App solves the problem by re-marketing. The process involves three simple steps. The first step involves addition of the product to the cart by the site visitor who never checks out. The App then sends an email to the visitor requesting them to finish the process of checking out. This creates a lasting impression in the mind of the visitor who ends up buying the product, which in turn boosts up the sales figure and results in happiness both for the buyer and the seller.


– The process of setting up of the free App is easy and not at all time consuming. The setting up process involves choice of a few preferences and creating a small code for your website. If the setup process seems tedious, it can be handled by the support team.

– Customized email facilities are provided. You can speak to your customers in your own voice. The App provides tools with which signature messages, containing customized subject lines which can be presented in HTML or text format, and including a unique design that is characteristic of your brand can be created.

– The performance of your sales campaign can be gauged by using easy to assimilate metrics to keep track of the effectiveness of your emails and by calculating the additional revenue generated. ROI can be easily tracked too.

– A/B Testing or always be testing engine ensures ease in carrying out subject line and content tests to reach a conclusion as to which version provides the optimum results for your brand campaign.

– Actionable reports ensure transparency by which the customer can understand the effectiveness of our service. Accessing detailed reports of the number of customers you are able to regain and which factors of your campaign are effective in maximizing sales returns can be obtained.

– In the event of abandonment of a cart, the App enables immediate notification by email or text message which enables timely action to engage the attention of the buyer and thus let them know that their business is valuable.

– The software solution (SSL) used by the App, ensures protection of data of both the buyer and the seller. Sharing of payment information and contact details is not possible.

Summary: This amazing App enables the completion of an abandoned sale to a successful one in order to maximize sales returns. It basically involves reminding the customer of the abandoned sale by sending email or text messages. This makes the buyer feel important and makes him feel that the seller appreciates or values the business with the buyer.

Good: This App includes a 30-day free trial. The setup process is free and very simple. It is supported by email and text message options. The data provided is secure and maintained as confidential. The registration can be cancelled at any time.

Bad: The technical aspects may not be understood easily by novices and they may need help in setting up. The App is available for free for a period of 30 days after which it is available for a fixed price as per the plan.

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