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Handling time tracking, billing and developing a reliable accounting system continues to be a challenge for attorneys, accountants and virtual businesses, where time tracking is an essential element of their billing process. CaseFox seeks to cover this requirement of time based billing of attorneys and accountants with the CaseFox application that enables multi-user accounting and invoicing and provides a more transparent and reliable accounting. This leads to smoother relationships between the attorneys and clients.

Understanding CaseFox:

The CaseFox Timekeeping and Billing application is developed as an intuitive user interface that arms attorneys, accountants, virtual businesses and freelancers with their time-based invoicing, timekeeping, case tracking, trust accounting, and billing requirements. All firms are now looking to adopt CaseFox due to its unique ability to track billable and non-billable hours and costs, oversee unbilled hours, delayed payments and take charge of case notes, trust accounting, and case documents. It seeks to provide a multi user access and best service to clients at a reasonable cost.

CaseFox Prices:

CaseFox is developed by a practising attorney and made easily accessible to people through simple subscription plans with unlimited timekeepers. It is offered worldwide with no hidden charges or long term contracts. Their subscription plans start at a very reasonable cost of $10 per month. It also offers various options to upgrade the basic plan depending on the size of the firm. The users can test drive the free, full version offered by CaseFox before upgrading.

What makes CaseFox Unique?

There are certain aspects of CaseFox which lures the attention of everyone towards it and thereby the rising demand for the application. The biggest benefit to the firms is that the contract attorneys and private contractors are enabled to directly key in their billable hours and costs in the CaseFox account without being allowed to view any other information. Keeping in mind the importance of the value of information, CaseFox makes use of SSL for safety and important user data is stored in an encrypted format in the databases.

Since CaseFox stores previously keyed in time and expense tracking data, it becomes a very simple process to generate invoices. These invoices are automatically sent to clients through email and this ensures that the payments and trust account transactions are completely recorded. The key features of CaseFox are numerous and some are considered very critical to the billing process of the firms. The critical functions include

• Multi currency support
• High quality data security
• No software requirement for installation
• Automatic updates on statuses
• Google integration
• Data export
• Task management
• Independent attorney limited access
• Client payment monitoring
• Role based access to cases
• Ease of invoice generation
• Case notes management
• Dashboard for effective summary

With all the unique and key features explained above, CaseFox enables not only time tracking and billing, but can also be effectively installed for keeping track of cases, project and employees working on those assignments. Managers are provided information about the activities and hours worked by employees in real time and this enables the manager to assign the various projects to the most efficient employee. Thus, the mobile friendly interface of CaseFox with its ease of use seeks to solve the everyday problem of time tracking and time based billing!

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