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Online games and puzzles are a fun way to pass your time. It is very refreshing when you are rewarded for your time and get paid for playing. Do you remember playing the Tetris  game when you were young? Not  only the young ones, even the elderly people always love to play it as it is very interesting and gives fun for hours together. We enjoy collecting similar cubes and scoring from it. One such app with a similar gameplay is the Cash Royale.

Yes. Enter the arena designed by EtherSportz, LLC. Cash Royale belongs to the Games category in the App Store. It is a head-to-head game of fun that allows you to arrange shapes on the board and clear them out when they form a line. The app allows you to compete with others players with similar talents on the skillz network.

As you download Cash Royale, you get a hang on the game because of its brilliant Vegas theme. The app can be played either for fun or for cash. The playing for cash option is limited to certain countries. The app is available for download across 3/4 part of the globe.

This is one legit and secure online gaming app. The game puts your hand-eye coordination to a test and missing a single move will not earn you points or money. Concentration is the key element to win this type of game.

Players from all around the world above 17 years of age can participate to win trophies, compete with leaderboards, win cash or virtual prize money and join the amazing loyalty programs. All you have is a time limit less than three minutes to beat your opponent. Placing the higher value cubes finally will help you to complete the row for bonus points. Cubes with various shapes have various points accordingly.

The game displays the daily, weekly and all-time scores obtained so far. It also keeps a clear track of the casino tokens/chips earned so far and the time lapsed, both of which displayed at the top. The app has a pause option that enables you to stop/start the game as and when required.

The app is free of cost. Cash Royale is available only for iOS devices and requires iOS 9.0 or later versions. This game is much addictive and I would strongly recommend this to my kith and kin. What are you still waiting for? Download Cash Royale and spend your pastime productively.

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