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Gaming has come a very long way – right from the exclusive gambling tables to laptops and computers, and from there to iPhones and iPads. Many people usually indulge their gambling desires through casino gaming apps that facilitate gambling activities without having to use real money. However, for the serious players, there’s nothing that can be equal to playing using real money, and this is exactly what app offers. is actually the most complete casino app on the market today with fantastic HD graphics and a wide range of array of games that’ll keep you busy for a long time. The app has all the essential elements that are required to make any online gaming app attractive enough so as to deliver the best possible online casino experience.

User friendliness

The application is very easy to use with the easily locatable icons. In addition, the registration process is also relatively simple and it requires very few minutes. You are able to create your account just by providing some basic details and then login so as to get the most enriching experiences. The app can also be downloaded or even play in your browser.

New Themes and Games app offers the conventional well-known gambling games like Poker, Blackjack, Gladiator Slots, Craps and Roulette.

Excellent Sound and Graphics

In addition to the conventional games, the app also offers several new themes that are actually based on well-known and popular stories or comics like Hulk and X-Men. Sound and graphics in this application are of high standards.


There are several bonuses offered by the app and considering that it’s real money, players who use this application would indeed feel happy. For example, there are joining bonuses just like the ones that the other online casinos offer. Furthermore, there are periodic competitions as well as promotional offers that players can take advantage of.

Jackpots and Winning Probability

Jackpots at are often high as compared to other online casinos. Winning or losing probability is just the same as it is the case in conventional games.

Compatibility with Devices

Since sophisticated graphics and features are included in this app, it’s not possible to use the app on any device which runs on an OS that’s lower than the iOS 6.0. Most of these old devices would not be capable of running the app. As a result, people who have iPod, iPad or iPhone with older configurations might be able to use the application.


  • The app offers a dedicated mobile casino application
  • app has smooth animations and fast load times
  • It is a leader in terms of the mobile casino awards


  • It offers a smaller game selection as compared to other online casinos
  • The app has several compatibility issues with iPhones with an older OS

Final verdict

The app is a well-made app. The design, games, customer service, simplicity, software, bonus offers and cohesiveness of this app are all in tune. Whether you have an Android device or an iPhone, you can easily play easily play without having to download or even update the app. The app updates itself automatically.

Overall, in case you want the best online casino apps that ticks all boxes regarding everything that you can hope for when you play on your mobile device, then the is the perfect app for you.

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