Casino Over Under: The New Card Game In The Block

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With the hustle and bustles of life, you may at times wish for something that can divert your mind from the stresses of life. Well, thanks to Apple App Store, there is a new card game known as casino over under that will leave you enjoying life by turning your living into a casino.

Fun and entertaining

Casino over under is the latest casino app for iPad and iPhone devices. This fun and engaging game is developed by Casino Over Under, LLC. It is a rousing table game that can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store and will soon be introduced to casinos. Good thing about this card game is its simplicity.

Easy to understand and play

What distinguishes it from other casino games available in the Apple App Store is it’s easy to understand and play feature. Casino over under captures your attention and it leaves you wanting to play and play. One warning that can be offered for free is that the casino game is addictive. By the time you come to the realization of how time has flown, you will have played lots of rounds. You can choose to play the card game either as extended sessions or in form of short bursts.

Well designed

The graphics and layouts of the game are perfectly done. It has few card animations and not obtrusive. You can visibly see the playing card turn over. The design is compatible with this card game. It is impossible to lose all the game plays since the color and font combination is on point clearly showing all the digits and the text is fairly readable. Unlike most online games which get interfered because of ads appearing on the screen, with casino over under the advertisements appear at the bottom of the screen and they don’t distract you from enjoying the game.

Noticeable pertinent information 

Just without much scrutinizing you will be able point out all the significant information such as the amount you need to bet, the playing table you are using, and the reward for a bonus bet as well as the controlling buttons for making the game possible.

Crazy payout bonus

Casino over under is fast paced and you only deal with three cards in your hand which dictates the outcome. The extravagant bonus option which pays as much as 50 to 1 makes this casino card game even more exciting. Undoubtedly, the card game’s generous house advantage will place it as the best option worth choosing for players leaving you with the eagerness of looking forward to having a brilliant day against the house.


With a game that is free, addictive, easy to play, impossible to resist and super fun, you cannot afford to not download it on your iPad or iPhone. Sooner than later, you will be playing this game in the casino near you and who knows, maybe you will win for real like how you won playing it on your iPhone. This is a game worth checking out.


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