Caveball: Puzzle Game with a Prehistoric Touch

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Puzzle action games have always been a sure hit with people of all age groups. These games keep you on the edge of your seat from start to the end. It seems to be a never ending journey of victory with each victory giving you immense pleasure no matter how many times you have achieved the same. Caveball is another addition to this fun world of puzzle action games with its characters and objects on screen reminding you of the prehistoric times. The new application is for iphones and iPads and you can download it easily using iTunes.

Caveball is a game of bubble shooting and bird catching but it is designed intelligently to create a distinct feel. The game is available in English and it is being marketed by RENKMOBIL BILISIM TURİ ZM VE OPTIK SANAYI TICARET LIMITED SIRKETI.


  • This is a free game that can be downloaded to all your iDevices.
  • The game is compatible to iOS 3.2 or later. This makes it a valid download for most of the iDevices in the market.
  • There are 5 world setting in this game and the look changes with changing world.
  • There are 45 levels to choose from and you need to move up the ladder by winning each level.
  • The game offers bonus balls in each stage that keeps you in game for long and the freshness of the game stays intact.
  • You can view the ladder board and go through your achievement only to better it the next time you play. This is possible only with the game center enabled games.
  • Multiplayer gaming is possible with this but the iDevices should not be the same. For example iPad vs. iphone is possible in the cross device mode. You can play with friends or other players using this mode.
  • ScoreAttack is a unique feature of the game where you can see the top scores online. Try and beat the highest score and create a record of your own.
  • The version 1.0 of the game is out in the market. The game can be updated in future with new game modes and other updates.
  • It takes around 9.3 MB space in your device.
  • The game is available only in English as of now.

Summary: Caveball is a puzzle game full of actions. With multiple levels and worlds to choose from, this game is never going to be boring. Primitive look, online score check and multiplayer options are available with this game. The interface is cool and easy to follow.

Good: Caveball is a free game to be downloaded through iTunes and it does not require much space. The game involves bubble shooting and has many levels to keep it interesting for a long time. It is compatible to most of the operating system and thus can be used by anyone. Multiplayer option looks good too.

Bad: The multiplayer option of the game is a cross device one. If your friend has the same device you would not be able to use this mode.

Worth Having App – Download the Application


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