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For those who have been looking for the ideal solution that will help them keep track of the vast and ever-changing database of SEC compliance regulations, well a good choice would be to download the CCO-companion app for your unique needs. While the application might only be available for Apple devices, it does provide users with access to exclusive information for regulatory compliance when they need it the most. The application comes with compliance database, tools as well as notifications and alerts for the ultimate compliance regime. Simply put, it helps provide business owners and advisors with sufficient peace of mind that the given firm is always ready for SEC checks and surpasses compliance regulations as well. Further lending to the apps exemplary features is the fact that It is simple to use making it ideal even for novice users.


Integrated database

The CCO-Companion application comes with an integrated database that is packed with model compliance documents, lists and sources to keep users ahead when it comes to compliance rules. Before any document can be added to the application database, it is pre-screened by a host of compliance professionals to determine its quality for general use. Furthermore, performing a compliance document search is as easy as inputting the given keywords on the app and perusing the search results. Users will also appreciate that the application allows you to import your existing compliance documents and integrate them with the ones available in the database. In other words, a user can just import and organize their advisory`s firm compliance documents.

Compliance Examinations and Alerts

More importantly, the app also provides the user with compliance tests that can be used in the preparation of compliance checks and evaluations by the authorities. To be specific, the exams contain almost every aspect that SEC evaluates for when determining the level of regulation conformity of a given firm. The developers of this program further demonstrate their obsession with progression and excellence by ensuring the app provides its users with reliable updates via the RSS Feed along with other reputable regulatory bodies.

Excellent Subscription offers

The application is primarily available within the free version, but it has some limitations when it comes to functionality. However, a user can unlock all the features of the application by subscribing to a given package plan such as the six-month plan that is available at $299 while the one year plan is available at $499. Some of the data you are likely to come across in both packages include assessment templates, training newsletter, checklists and model calendars as well.


  • Size- 67 MbSpecifications
  • Version- 1.0
  • Language- English
  • Category -Business


  • Simple to use interface
  • Comes with many compliance documents
  • It is available for free download


  • Functions only on iOS 8.1 or later


Overall, when taken together, the CCO app is a worthwhile investment for any business owner who wants to ensure that their set-up is in agreement with SEC regulations. The applications are available in both free and paid versions of both packages offering exclusive functionalities.

Worth Having App – Download the App