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Project management is a term used to define the rules of planning, organizing and managing resources to achieve specific goals. The projects undertaken are usually time constrained and require regular funding. So, it becomes necessary to attain these requirements with maximum efficiency i.e. maximum output with minimum input. However, in actual conditions, there are many projects running simultaneously side by side and there may be one process related to another such that delay in completion of one causes the other one to stop down as well. So, all of them need to be tracked from time to time. This is only possible when the computers handle the problem and cut down the possibility of any human error involved. That’s why, computer software are used to accomplish these tasks.

Celoxis is web based project management software that is used for a number of tasks such as scheduling, resource management, collaboration, management of documents and time sheets, detailed progress reports, etc. It is an integrated tool with all these functions in one package. It offers ‘real time’ scheduling i.e. it automatically schedules the tasks based on resource work timings, time zones, holidays and work timings exceptions. You can create inter-project dependencies as well. The dependency may be a time constraint or a progress constraint to start the second task only after half of the first task is completed. The resource load breakdown and the related conflicts can be resolved using Celoxis quite easily. Each time you check for the availability of resources, you get the alert notice prior to assigning to avoid any points of confliction. If there are some conflicts, then Celoxis provides a very simple and powerful way to remove the conflict.

It is very easy to share data with your clients on Celoxis. It minimizes the effort required on your side in creating reports work as it provides pre-defined reports which you can customize further to suit your needs. All the accumulated data comprises of Graphical charts (Pie, Bar, Bubble) or a table. So, as you share some data with your clients, they get its full access and this also maintains transparency with the client. Also, depending upon the access provided, any user can update the progress report or do some changes, which is of great value in case of team task where a certain no. of users are associated with the project. The API of the application is simple and powerful. The application supports two way synchronization with Microsoft Project. So, you can import your current project from Microsoft to Celoxis and vice versa. The RSS feed enables you to keep in track with the project updates without logging in to the application.

The user interface is quite simple and easy to understand. Celoxis offers you one of the best interactive gantt chart available in the market. It’s desktop like performance helps you to plan and track your project regularly. You can also customize the dashboard. You can keep all your contacts and email ids in the address book. The easy functionality and a large no. of integrated tools make it one of the best project management software. It is available for $15/month and as low as $117 per user for a perpetual on-premise license, which is quite affordable for small investors as well. If you are still not satisfied, you can use their 30 day free trial.

Visit this site at http://www.celoxis.com/ and post your reviews as comments.


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