Charlie app: Your personal guide to rock every meeting

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charlieCharlie, a new iOS app, scheduled to relelase on 4th June, 2015, has already created a stir in the market. If you are one of those who frequently attends conference calls or meetings, then you would have had embarassing moments when you have been clueless about the conversation at hand due to lack of facts. Fear no more cause Charlie is here for you now!

Before you can ask what Charlie does, let us introduce you to him. Charlie is your last minute savior and personal assistant who has got your back at any meeting you are likely to attend in the future. It looks up into your personal calendar and helps you prep yourself for meetings by giving you a single-page briefing about any person before you meet them via your mail. An hour before each meeting in your calendar, it acts as your personal assistant, prepping you about all the companies and people you are about to meet. It browses through a variety of online resources and filters out the most important details for you. It helps you find personal commonalities and news regarding your personal commonalities and alerts you about the same. Once you know what you share in common, raising a conversation can be a cakewalk.

This way, you no longer have to worry about the first impression you make on anyone at a meeting henceforth. All it does is what Google would normally do for you. The one page brief it provides you spans social networks, news, business websites and much more. Everything ranging from Facebook to Twitter to Linkedin is covered. This way, you can leave an indelible first impression upon anyone you meet. What’s more? It saves you the manual effort and valuable time of surfing through hours of data on the web.

With Google and Wikipedia existing, why do you need Charlie? Well, this app scores highly on presentation. All the information you need about a person- ranging from who they are to what they do to what makes them tick- is provided to you by Charlie minutes before your meeting in the form of a single well organized page via mail. It covers everything from a personal and professional aspect. With all this information in your backpack, nothing and nobody can keep you from rocking your meetings. Charlie is all you need!


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