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Chatwing is light weight, reliable, faster and free widget, which makes chatting simple on your blogs. It’s very easy to create and customize, users don’t need any technical knowledge to create an attractive widget. You are just 3 steps ahead of creating an attractive widget which allows the visitor of your blog to communicate between each other.

Go to, you will receive a page to enter your website, email address and password. Just enter the required details and click register, this step will register an account for you in Chatwing and from then on you can manage to create any number of widgets to any number of websites.

In the next step you will have option to select the type of widget you want for your website. Currently Chatwing offers a compact embedded widget model and a pop out messenger like model. The embedded type gives a comfort feel to the users, as they don’t need to navigate out of the page. They can easily navigate to any page without any interference to the chatting. Some users prefer the classic Pop out model which acts as a standalone messenger.

In the next step you will have options to customize the look and feel of chat widget. You can enter a name for the chatbox for managing easily. You can adjust the size of the chat box by manually entering width and height in pixels or you can drag the sliders to modify the size. You will have option to pick the color of you chat box as per you website’s template. Every time you change some attribute like height or width or color, you will get a preview of the chatbox immediately. This preview will give you a clear picture about how you chatbox will look like even before publishing in your website.

Once you are done customizing you chat box, just click the “DONE GET HTML CODE” button, this will generate a simple html tag and display in a text box. You can easily copy the html tag and embed in your website.

That’s it you are done, now you can create as many widgets with this account. You retrieve this html code whenever you need, by clicking My Html Code link. You can customize your chatbox at any time as per your website theme by clicking the Customize my Chatbox link. You have option to filter the word communicated in your chatbox. You can add some spam website names or abusive words in this list so that it won’t allow users to type such things in your chatbox. Even Chatwng will block a particular user if he is been flagged by three users. You will have option to change your password anytime you wish by clicking My Account Info page. You will have separate option to add another website and another chatbox.

The visitors to your website don’t need to register in-order to chat. They can login as guest user can express their thoughts. Users can login through their twitter or facebook account and use this widget for communication. This is the best free chat application in the market which allows you to entertain by chatting.

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