Check Out These Fun Things to Do on Your Smartphone

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Face it, from everything related to work and all of your downtime, your smartphone is your lifeline to the rest of the world. If you’ve ever left your smartphone at home, chances are that you risked being late for work or an appointment just so you could turn around and retrieve it from home. While smartphones can be a valuable tool for finding your way around a strange town or settling a debate with co-worker, it is also a portal to fun.

Getting a little tired of playing all the quizzes on Facebook or are struggling to keep up with this week’s fun game that will become obsolete next week? These fun things are likely to keep you entertained for a long time:

Relax and Color

Adult coloring books have stuck around a lot longer than people probably expected. From mandalas and famous masterpieces to adult themed subject matter, adult coloring books can be found everywhere. While coloring can be therapeutic, toting around a book and colored pencils may not be convenient or practical. Thankfully, you can still enjoy coloring on your smartphone. Bonus: There’s no need to bring a pencil sharpener and you can keep your cool while waiting in line at the DMV.

Blackjack, Poker, and More

Online gaming has been popular for a few decades, but smartphones have elevated the gaming experience to another level. While some online games, such as trivia and other “brain puzzle” games, can entertain for brief periods of time, but you may master them more quickly than you’d like. Speaking of puzzles, you can put together a puzzle on your smartphone and never have to worry about looking for that missing piece or for someone to disassemble all your hard work.

With online gambling, whether you’re on the go or just hanging out at home, there’s never a dull moment. While brick-and-mortar casinos are timeless, online casinos are a great place to start for beginners. Continuing the idea of exploring the world from the convenience of your smartphone, why not check out online casinos in Germany or others located across the U.S.?

Travel the World Without Traveling

Traveling the world is a dream of many that can’t be lived out by everyone. Money, work, and life often get in the way of elaborate travel plans and even a long weekend away can be hard to plan. Ever wanted to visit San Francisco’s Bayfront, Andy Warhol’s gravesite, and Times Square all in the same day (let alone in the same year)? EarthCam allows people from all across the world watch live footage of places all across the globe.

Whether you find the construction of a building to be entertaining or you enjoy people watching, EarthCam is a great site to visit while riding the bus to work or sitting at the doctor’s office. How often does someone have the opportunity to say that they’ve watched the cats play at the “Pesaleidja” Shelter in Estonia?


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