Chess Trainer : Best Training App for Beginners and Professionals

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Chess is one of the most popular games which are played all over the world; it is played by millions and millions of people on a daily basis. The game of chess is a pure strategy game and it involves using every cell in your brain, the game also helps to develop the intelligent quotient and the sharpness of the memory when played on a regular basis. Since it helps in the developing the skills of the players, parents encourage and train their kids to play chess from their early years.

Sometimes, the rules and strategies can be taught in a more interesting way than by just listening from a class. Chess Trainer is the app which helps you to get the best tips and training in a live and entertaining way. Chess Trainer app is designed for the iPhone and iPad users, this app was developed and launched by Doggy Bag Company. The app requires iOS 3.1.3 or later versions of the apple software for its effective functioning.

How it Works?

Chess Trainer is an app which helps you to improve your chess skills and trains you to win tournaments. The app is designed in such a way that the users find it easy to use and interesting at the same time. It is essential that the players have some basic knowledge on the chess; this is because the app doesn’t teach you from step 1 but it helps to improve your skills, you can read through the tutorial provided in the app but knowing the very basics of the game will be of great use. In the main screen of the app you will have the tabs such as Learn, Play, Graph, Ranking and Options.

  • Learn – There are several lessons which the users can read, play and gain knowledge. Some of the examples are how to play chess, strategies, king and pawn endings etc. Most of the options will have several lessons included under it.
  • Play – New players will have to enter their name and country to start playing the game, and then choose your pack screen will appear. The games are divided according to the difficulty (Openings, Middle Games, Endings and Problems), players can choose any one of the pack and start their game. The game will usually have a timer and the player has limitations for making incorrect moves, when he/she exceeds this limit the game will terminate automatically irrespective of the timer. The players will gain points for the correct moves, the ELO helps to track the player’s scores and graphs they can compare their scores with the other players and obtain the graphs by choosing the respective options in the main menu. No help or tips are provided during the play.


Chess Trainer is an extremely useful app for those who are interested in improving the skills; this provides excellent training and guidance. The app is free and can be downloaded from the iTunes.

Good – The interface is very easy to use

Bad – They can provide useful tips in a separate mode.

Worth Having Application – Download the application




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