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It’s always amusing to me how we have such a rich heritage in terms of anything from Culture to Science. The world is dynamic and keeps on changing. Whether better is the present or the past is doubtful but one thing is clear that the heritage that we have received from our ancestors is very difficult to be recreated, though “History repeats itself”. Some of the major contributors towards building this rich heritage are the artists like Leonardo Da Vinci, Picasso, Einstein and Man Ray. You might have not heard the last name in that sentence but believe me, he was a true art lover and what he has created is a marvel in itself. So won’t it be good if we can have a look at his and 24 of his mates’ collections of the world’s 25 best chess sets?

I am talking about the new Android app, ChessSetArt that is no more an app but a collection of precious articles in itself. The app has been developed by Prairie Media. The app is compatible with all the Android devices running 2.2 or later version. This app is very unique and one must remember that it’s not about the game, but the building blocks of chess i.e. chess sets.

This app is a collection of 25 documentary films regarding 25 of the world’s best chess sets (and most expensive as well). These documentaries have been shot exclusively for this app so you may know that you’ll be some of the luckiest to be ever introduced to these masterpieces in personal. If you have ever watched a documentary, you may know that it covers most of people around the main subject. In these documentaries, there are special appearances by Susan Polgar, the world’s first female Grandmaster; Sarah Coffin, Curator of the Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum; Graham Beal, Director of the Detroit Institute of Arts; and guess what, the owners themselves including Dr. George and Vivian Dean.

Apart from the movies, there is more of the educational stuff in form of facts about different sets as well as some related documents. You can also take a look at the sets from different angles with screenshots available in the app. I must say that it was a privilege to be using this app because it gives you a Royale feeling of actually owning these sets. All the movies are HD and what makes it more superior is the shooting quality. I mean some professional video shooters must have been hired by the developers or unless this kind of filming would have been impossible.

One of the setbacks to our viewers after reading all this info is that the app is available for $17.99 in the App Store, a Royale price tag. But it’s completely justified and that’s why I emphasized on the uniqueness of this app as this is a kind of lifetime chance. It is similar to buying a set of Limited Edition DVDs. So hurry and grab yours before the offer lasts.

Pros: unique; 25 documentary films with HD quality; professional videos; special guest appearances.

Cons: price tag is justified but still high for users.

Worth Having Application – Download the Application

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  1. Lawrence Marshall

    Hi! As editor/writer/co-producer of this app, I appreciate the very positive remarks, and am glad you enjoyed the app! I also wanted to correct a critical error in your last paragraph. The cost of the app is $9.99. It began at $17.99, but the price was reduced several days ago. Thank you again!


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