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The aspect of children learning through play not makes them to have great fun but also helps them to practice their cognitive and imagination skills in solving problems. Meanwhile, the subject of mathematics has always offered a challenging experience to many kids. Thus, getting an app that can offer a great way to solve different math puzzle in an entertaining manner can highly improve their performance. Apparently, Intellipath Games has come up with an edutainment app which was released on 27th September, 2016.

This game helps the kids to solve mathematical problems through engaging in an interactive detective story. The children are able to exposed to different equations that they need to solve; this enables them to get different clues and gadgets that can help them locate the Prince Colin’s missing crown and her princess sister.

Getting Into the DetecThink app game

At first, it is crucial to note that unlike other games that focus on pure entertainment, DetecThink app creates a synergy of both entertainment and learning. This makes the kid to gain much from the app by unraveling different detective mysteries through solving math puzzles. The app comes with 8 unique challenges that the player needs to tackle in order to fully complete the story. Besides, the app has integrated funny and clumsy characters that the user will come across while moving across different challenges. It is time for the kid to face the challenge and apply reasoning and problem-solving skills in order to correctly solve the math puzzles.

Below are the exceptional features found in DetecThink app:

Customized levels

The game offers varied experience to different kids depending on how best they could perform. Thus, parents have an option of customizing different difficulty levels to ensure that they display those that the child can perfectly manage. The common levels that are currently provided by DetecThink app include numbers stretching up to 10, 50, 99, 500 and 999.

Personalized accounts

The parent might have a number of kids in the house who may want to have a gaming experience with DetecThink app. Actually, this incredible app allows creation of multiple accounts for different kids to use independently. This is an amazing feature as it might enable easy tracking of the performance of the kids especially with the generation of personalized progress report.

Math puzzles

Ready to solve detective mysteries using math puzzles? This is exactly the experience that awaits the young detective. In this mission-oriented story, the user is introduced to a series of challenges which are accompanied with close to 100 math problems. The presence of clues is meant to assist the user in solving such puzzles in order to proceed to the next challenge. Some challenges are challenging thus the need strong reasoning skills are needed.

Learning subjects

Apparently, there are three areas that currently are the centre of focus when it comes to learning; addition, subtraction and number place value. Some of the questions are represented in statements that the children can read them as they are trying to solve the puzzles. This makes the app to be quite engaging, intuitive and user-friendly in nature.

3D graphics

The entire formation of DetecThink app is focused on application of modern technology. With the integration of 3D graphic effects and animations, the entire display is absolutely amazing and captivating to the user. It actually brings a close connection with the real world as one is engaging in the gameplay. Additionally, it is notable that the quality of background music is high and unique (great taste of originality).

Compatible Platform

Currently, this version 1.0 is compatible on iOS 8.0 or any new version. Besides, it works well on mobile devices such as iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone. These devices have proved to possess great capabilities in delivering high quality performance thus preferably recommended.

Here are the notable Pros and Cons discovered in DetecThink app:


· A great entertaining experience

· A perfect approach for monitoring progress

· Numerous math problems to solve

· Effective customization of difficulty levels

· Fantastic sound effects tailored to game theme


· Some levels are really challenging for kids

· Occupies great space; possible crash

Final Verdict

With DetecThink app, there is great hope for improvement in mathematics subject which has turned out to be quite challenging for many kids. The elements that have been integrated in this app have a core purpose of ensuring that kids are able to boost their brain performance through cognitive thinking and improving on analytical reasoning. Thus, it is absolutely an app worth downloading for children. Why not get it today for free at App Store? It is time to create a young detective with DetecThink app!

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