Clashot : Earning a Side Income with Photography

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Clashot is a free app developed by Depositphotos. Just imagine what it would be like if you were able to take photographs from the iPhone and then just add a few filters to create a stunning image. To add to this, you will even get paid for doing this. This is an app that amateur photographers can make use of to earn some money as a side income. Clashot is an iPhone app that works on the basic principle that you can get paid if you deliver relevant pictures to publishers. These are photos that are related to the events taking place around the world. Of course, all publishers have their own reporters, but they are willing to buy photos of people present on the scene and who have clicked relevant pictures of the event. You can take photographs of anything that you feel is worthy of your attention.


ü The pictures you take are listed through this app and publishers can view these and decide if they wish to purchase them.

ü You can get quite good rewards for your photography skills.

ü The app is similar to an Instagram and has filters, but it is more a kind of reporting tool.

ü You can click a photograph and then use the filters. These pictures can then be attached to a report and then uploaded into your account.

ü Once you take the pictures and file them, they are hosted in Depositphotos website, which has several popular publishers ready to pay for stock photos from the site.

ü You can also make comments and like the reports submitted by other users and share any photographic events from Facebook, etc. You can use the social element to increase the opportunities for selling your photographs.

The Good

The app helps you make some side income with photography skills. It is very consistent and focused on usability. It is a very simple and convenient app through which you can take photos for media content. The interface is very convenient, allowing you to observe the tape and stay informed. You can view your profile data and user balance and withdraw funds conveniently. You can also get email notifications through the app. The app helps you stay informed regarding all events in the world and also share it by photographing them.

The Bad

Don’t expect to immediately make a lot of money and become a millionaire with the help of this app. You need to be consistently active in order that the quality of your work gets the attention of publishers.


Clashot is an app for the iPhone developed by Depositphotos. Many media agencies and ad agencies use stock photos and are ready to buy them. You can take relevant photos with your iPhone using this app and then send it to Other users will rate the creativity of your photographs. The photographs can be created using filters and then loading them to the site, which will help you find buyers for your photos. The photos reach a photobank, whereby newspapers and magazines from everywhere can access them and will be able to buy them, offering your commissions for the purchase.

You can also have a look at Clashot website

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