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Click Fun is a newly launched social media gaming platform, which allows users to play a number of fun, exciting free slot games online. Click Fun works via social media platform Facebook, however you can also visit their website and play the range of games without the need to log in via Facebook. If you want to gain the full features and benefits of the game, it is advisable to set up your account by simply logging into Facebook and start playing the action packed games. All of which boast great graphics, computer animations and user gameplay.

Click Fun has approximately 36 fun and exciting slot games, all varying in level of difficulty meaning there is never a dull moment when playing online at Click Fun. Each of the games has a unique and differing theme, from the ever popular ‘Snow Honeys’, to the hugely successful ‘Double O Cash’ and ‘Flight Zone’

Begin the quest at Click Fun on Level 1, you start with a large number of coins, giving you ample opportunity to play the game and get an idea of what Click Fun is all about. If you want to raise the stakes, and gain an insight into the competition, log in via Facebook and view your friend’s progress, seeing how they are performing while playing online.

Each of the games available to play online via Click Fun provide highly interactive, fun and entertaining slots where you bet for fun with imitation coins. Scared of running short of coins? This is not an issue at Click Fun, as you are rewarded with an additional 5000 free coins for simply playing online via Facebook. You can also share the fun with friends and family, receiving free spins and extra coins, allowing you to enjoy hours of additional fun completely free of charge. Free coins are given to each person who visits Click Fun, however there is also the ability to purchase additional coins if required.

At Click Fun you don’t even have to have access to a Facebook account in order to enjoy the games, as you are able to play the games immediately as you access their website. In order to gain the full benefits of the website and in play features, log in directly with Facebook and enjoy all the full features to your heart’s desire. You will also be kept inform of all the great bonuses and offers along with being rewarded with 5000 free coins for simply logging in with Facebook. For more information about the slot games simply visit Click Fun and grasp all the fun for yourself.



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