Click Your Way to Fun Times with the Final Fortress – Idle Survival App By: Erin Konrad

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Feeling bored with the other games on your phone? If you’re thinking you need a much more exciting game in your life, check out Final Fortress – Idle Survivor. This clicker game takes place in an apocalyptic future where zombies have taken over the world. The free app lets you not only build up a team of survivors, but also lets you figure out how to fight back against the zombies that roam the earth. Once you start playing, you’ll feel any boredom disappear fast!

First, you’ll need to download the app – available for both iOS and Android users – free. You don’t have to do anything to start playing the game, except to enter your name so other players can take note of your super high scores on the leaderboard. Then you’ll be able to get right to the action. You play the game by clicking as many times as you can on the graphics. This allows you to earn valuable resources like gas, diamonds, and other survivors to help you reclaim humanity in the world. Every time you level up, you’ll be able to build your fortress floor by floor, as well as weaponize your tower against zombies. Finding blueprints along with the way will also give you the chance to unlock special rooms.

Future levels are really where the fun is at. Once you reach advanced levels, you’ll be able to journey into the wilderness to access more survivors (which lets you earn more gas). There are fun boosts like Radioactive YOLO and Coffee Time, which give you gas bonuses and income and productivity boosts. Just beware of those dangerous zombies – they can even fly! You can make the game even more addictive by inviting your friends to play too. More friends means you can rebuild your rooms even faster and stronger than ever!

If you love clicker games, you’ll definitely be into the narrative of building your fortress and escaping zombies. However, if you’re interested in more complex gameplay, you could get frustrated by a game where you just continually click to advance. There is some strategy involved once you get to higher levels, but the game can seem a little simple at the beginning.

Want to bring humanity back to a decimated world? Download the Final Fortress – Idle Survival game to click boredom away!


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