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Yesterday, a good friend of mine asked me about the episode of her favourite TV show, which is my favorite also as it was missed by her. So I told about the whole story of that episode, but I think no one can feel that enjoyment instead of watching it when the show is on the air. However, there is no other option to watch again unless there is an Internet Connection or a recorded show. But, if you save the clips of your favorite TV shows, you can share them with your friends and family. Isn’t it? Now, the question is how will you save and share the clips?

Let me introduce you how! When I was thinking for some substitute of sharing the important clips of the TV show, I searched for something on the Google Play Store. Then I found an awesome app called “Clippit”, which is used for creating short clips of your favorite TV show in order to watch them later or share with your friends. The app has been developed by Didja, Inc. Unfortunately, this app is available only in the US. The app has been compatible with all the Android SmartPhones having the latest version of the OS.

With Clippit, you can clip and share current live TV moments from all your memorable TV shows while they air. You can clip anything you want such as live sports, events, movies, serials, cartoons, and many more, if it’s on TV. The process is very simple and can be achieved in a few simple steps. First, you need to search for any TV show or program that’s on the air. Then select the start and end point for your clip and save it. Finally, you can share with friends and family on Facebook, Reddit, Twitter or anywhere.

Clippit is very easy to use and help you to quickly save the clips you want to! The interface of the app is very neat and clean and the

graphics are just mind blowing. The concept of the app is quite good and it is nicely designed. You will always view the clips in HD while using Clippit. So you’ll never miss out an important show when you’ve this app in your private Court of the apps.

Please note that Clippit doesn’t stream or retransmit TV shows. However, it only displays images from the show that enable you to create a short clip, up to 30 seconds long.

So start using Clippit and discover new TV shows, browse and share the existing clips of your favorite shows with other Clippit users.

The app is available for free on the Google Play Store.

Go for it now!

Pros: create short clips of your favorite TV shows up to 30 seconds long; share with anyone in the social media and with Clippit users; brilliant graphics; easy to use; simple steps to follow; free to download.

Cons: none.

Worth Having App – Download for IOSDownload for Android –  Website link


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