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Clockodo is a dedicated time tracking app for self-employed or small and medium-sized businesses. This app allows you to manage your time by keeping a detailed record of the beneficiary when it comes to improving your productivity and controlling your billing.

Clockodo is an easy-to-use option to manage your time, in addition to the complete functionalities adapted to the web that allows you to control the projects, tasks and/or activities that you undertake.

Clockodo’s Features

Clockodo is a time tracker that allows people or SMBs to manage their time resources efficiently. Clockodo makes it easy for you to bill your work based on real data captured instantly.

dditionally, the application allows you to make customized reports on the hours worked, the rest hours and the hours of entry.

Clockodo also provides support in recording time and activities for reporting, budgeting, billing or accounting based on reliable data.

The application is ideal for small and medium-sized companies because it guarantees the control of the time management of your employees, approves or reduce hours, plans resources and breaks.

Clockodo offers a totally free trial version that gives you the possibility to know its functionalities for a limited time without making any investment.

On the other hand, the application allows you to enjoy all its complements, including technical support, for a value of $ 5 per month per user, which can be reduced to $ 2.50 per month depending on the number of employees.

Advantages of Clockodo

�� It allows you to monitor the performance of work done by you or your employees, in a non-invasive way because it allows you to capture in real time the activities they perform.
�� Allows you to make decisions based on the time analysis that you perform automatically.
�� It is compatible with mobile applications allowing you to use time tracking in any project you undertake.
�� Among its functionalities, it is adaptable to desktop software allowing you to use the time tracker on your computer.
�� Supports Android and IOS mobile devices
�� It offers you a free trial version, which will allow you to know your many benefits before making your investment.
�� Your investment in acquiring the application can be carried out safely using payment methods such as PayPal, and credit cards.
�� It allows you to protect your information thanks to the possibility of keeping backup copies.
�� Complies with standards to safeguard your data, giving you the confidentiality you want.

Disadvantages of Clockodo

�� The free trial only has a duration of 14 days, after this time you must make the monthly cancellation of the application to continue enjoying its multiple compliments.


Clockodo is one of the most popular time tracking apps, due to its powerful add-ons that will help you manage your time more efficiently. This application is web-based and allows you to instantly document the projects or activities you perform.

Clockodo also gives you the functionality to adapt to mobile device applications and your computer software, which allows you to take full advantage of your add-ons to manage your time and make decisions to optimize your productivity or that of your employees.

Now, we would like to know your experience using Clockodo, we await your comments.

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