Cloud File Mover for Dropbox – Best File Handling iOS App

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The Clouf File Mover is an easy to use app exclusively designed for the Dropbox. The Dropbox is a cloud service platform for sharing different file formats across any part of the world. It maintains synchronization and version control between devices.

When a user wants to move files between IOS devices and a Dropbox account, the Cloud File Mover can give a helping hand. A Dropbox account is all that is required for accessing this app. If you do not have a Dropbox account, you can create one for free. The app provides a substantial 2GB of free storage space.

The app has a user friendly interface and is easy to use too. Its blue color gives users the typical ‘Dropbox’ feeling. The app has a help menu that enables users to understand its different features. There is also a video tutorial to help users really see how the app can help them. Users can sort the files in two ways, by using file creation date or the name of the files.

The app allows users to easily move through to the Dropbox folder, and relocate files using the drag and drop command. You can use the app to view files, rename files, edit files, delete files, copy files, create new folders files, and organize files and folders, and open and close folders.

By using this Cloud File Mover app, users can select photos from the photo library of their IOS devices, and upload them to their Dropbox account. They are also given the option of directly taking a picture using their IOS device phones and then upload the files to the Dropbox account directly. Photos can also be downloaded from the Dropbox account to IOS devices anytime. The app has an image preview option, which, as the name suggests, lets you preview the image. By simply pinching the screen to enable zoom, users can enjoy an enhanced preview experience. It is also possible to email photos through the app.

The easy tree-like navigation gives users a comfortable experience. The Cloud File Mover has a built-in text editor that enables users to easily create new text files with context. By simply doubly clicking, new files can be opened too. In the text editor mode for the files, users will have an option to edit/the file. The app supports PDF formats as well, and gives a range of emailing options along with PDF files to integrate with third party applications. It supports audio and video files too. You will be able to download a preview the file without exiting the app. Once you close the preview, the control switches to the app.

The scope of the application can be expanded by giving users an option to access the entire file system from their IOS devices. This way, it will be easy for users to upload any file to their Dropbox account, regardless of where the files are located in their devices.

The Words Vehicle team has taken every step to provide a feature packed Dropbox app to IOS users. The application works on data and Wifi connection and provides uninterrupted service.

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