CM Security Master Antivirus – Review

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There are many things about the CM Security Master Antivirus that makes it a great app to have on any android phone. It is a Security app that has gathered over 100 million customers which is proof of its popularity. Cheetah Mobile who are its developers have successfully created an all in one app that has features which are; free antivirus, virus removal, malware removal, security protector, junk cleaner, Applock, ransomware and Safeconnect VPN.

It provides the basic things most users look for when it comes privacy and security of your phone. Here are more advantages a user experiences after downloading and installing the app.


1. The app protects your mobile device from harmful viruses, malware and trojans by detecting and wiping them out within ten seconds. A full file scan can take thirty seconds. CM Security will equally scan any WIFI network for malicious activity before connecting.

2. The package comes with a battery saver that ensures the battery is operating at excellent capacity by cooling it if heats up as well as shutting down applications draining too much power.

3. It provides security with its AppLock feature which automatically takes pictures of anyone trying to gain access to your phone.This intruder-selfie feature is one of the main highlights of this app. Furthermore, messages and sensitive apps like emails and social media are kept private.

4. Features such as phone booster and junk cleaner ensure the phone is fully optimized which prevents the smartphone from freezing or loading slowly.

5. The call block feature also means one does not have to worry about being bothered by certain individuals. It adds data from the internet to identify telemarketers who can be very annoying. The feature blocks SMS and other spam material

6. The Lock Screen has hundreds of theme styles which can also be customized using individual photos.

7. It is very easy to navigate and find all the different features which are well listed for instance the quick scan button is the first feature seen when you open the app. All other features are quite self explanatory.


1.The ads can sometimes get annoying.

2. The cleaning app is not very necessary since most android devices already have cleaning software.


Based on the mentioned pros and cons it is clear to see that CM security is a great app to have on any android device. The developers are constantly making improvements in order to stay on top of other competitors as well as improve various functions in smartphones. It is a great app which i would highly recommend all smartphone users to install.

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